For the novel Voyage In The Dark, I will be doing a creative art piece in order to illustrate the last scene of the novel. I will also be including Anna’s character in all throughout the novel and how she always seems to be in and out of reality. I will be achieving this by using a poster board and decorating the background with the realities of Anna’s life. I will then put a silhouette of her face in the foreground and in her head put the things she imagines during the reality of her life. This will be my … Continue reading Proposal

Drop Dead Legs

            Voyage in the Dark by Jean Rhys is, in my opinion, encapsulated by a single scene. The scene that I am referring to is that where Anna first descends into the world of escorts. Anna enters a room with a hard backed couch, a curvy legged chair with red cushions, red curtains. There is a clock sitting on a table, also present is a vase of red plastic flower. The only colors present seem to be red and black. I will be making a drawing done in graphite, red and black ink. The drawing will contrast the red and … Continue reading Drop Dead Legs

The Underlining Truth

For my creative project I will be using a non-writing medium as well as a writing medium. In order to catch the essence of darkness from this beautiful novel, I will first write a poem. I want this poem to focus on the pain and the solitude that Anna is experiencing. My goal is to look at the different passages where Anna mentions darkness versus light and to write a poem explaining what I think is going truly going through her head. I will try to look at certain difficult obstacles she has to undergo, such as when she loses … Continue reading The Underlining Truth

Proposal for creative project

By Neta Fudim Voyage in the Dark has an unusual writing style that’s detached and simple but occasionally poetic and metaphorical as well. For my creative project, I am planning on using an alternative medium to writing. I often draw in my free time so I’ve decided to do a pencil drawing of one of the scenes in the book. One of the things that I liked the most about the novel was the dreamy, dark mood it had. That is why I chose the scene on pages 32 and 33 where Anna contemplates her reflection in a mirror after … Continue reading Proposal for creative project