A Little Bit of Tic, a Little Bit of That

Warmup: My version of Motherless Brooklyn is about A huge challenge in adapting this novel to film is displaying the complexity of Lionel’s character. Despite him being on all 311 pages, it will be difficult to recreate some of those scenes in film because a lot of them are inner monologue. Unless three quarters of the film will consist of Lionel talking to himself, there will be some vital parts that just may have to be cut out. Or of course I could script some of his inner monologue as verbal dialogue, but that may just be putting to much … Continue reading A Little Bit of Tic, a Little Bit of That

Lab 6

    Warmup exercise: Interview Answer the following questions based on what you wrote for your rough draft. What is your version of Motherless Brooklyn about? My version of Motherless Brooklyn is more concentrated on the different characters of the novel. Seing different unexpected sides of each of them. What are some challenges in adapting this novel into a film? The difficulties would definitely be about what to  put in the film adaptation because there are so much in the novel that it is had to make a selection of the most important things. Why do you think Lionel is … Continue reading Lab 6


    The book in      Motherless Brooklyn is about Lionel and his tics. Very interesting novel where we can see how Lionel changes through the  novel.  I think Lionel is a compelling character because we can see that he has a big character, through the novel he was always the underdogs but he shows character for overcome and to be a compelling character he has to show that. I hope people will understand that everyone can b Main ideas I think the novel is about Lionel conflicts. The major core conflict of the story is him trying to … Continue reading LAB