Finding the roads in the map

Task 1 Lionel, Delusional, bizarre, silly and caring Friend of the society and enemy of the criminals Lover of the liars, Who feels lonely, sick and outcast Who needs affection, satisfaction and recognition Who fears Who gives Who would like to make a change,…. Resident of the world   Essrog.   Task 2 First of all, the aspect that I want to focus for my film adaptation is on the major core conflict of the story and why or how this occurs. The first problem that the reader sees when reading the novel is the mystery behind Frank’s assassination. However, … Continue reading Finding the roads in the map

Making Connection

        Lionel Detective, Lovely, different Fiend of Frank Lover of Kimmery, Who feels sad, Who needs love Who fears of his appearance, feelings Who gives   Task2 : The scene is when Kimmery announces at Lionel that she is going back with Stephen (308-311). That is one of the few key scenes on the novel. As we know during the novel Lionel always wanted love and at the end he realized Kimmery is not in love for him. This scene Task3: This above scene reminds me the scene with Julia. At the beginning of the novel, Lionel … Continue reading Making Connection