Socially Lacking

Ham on Rye, by Charles Bukowski, is a semi-autobiography novel during Henry’s school years. Henry is a character who has been through a lot of struggles, his environment and school are big factors of his struggles. He also doesn’t have the opportunity to know and respect himself, he desperately tries to be someone he isn’t and he has issues in finding his true nature. Henry does in fact relates to me in a way, but knowing what are my morals and values which are completely different to Henry’s. I have figured out that he lacks the desire for something, in … Continue reading Socially Lacking

Rough Draft

By Melvin Buquerente The novel Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski is an in-depth look into the character Henry Chinaski life. We follow this character through his emotional roller coaster of a childhood; the dramatics of growing up and eventually become an adult. The traumatic experiences, the character’s thoughts and setting of the story make Ham on Rye a multi-dimensional novel. . An interesting fact about this novel is that it is a semi-biographical novel by the poet Charles Bukowski. With this information in mind, personal feelings of empathy emerge from the reader for the character as well as the … Continue reading Rough Draft


By Karyna Statko Ham on Rye, by Charles Bukowski, is a novel about a kid who is growing up at the time of The Great Depression in America. His parents are trying to do something for him but he never agree with what they are doing. Because of this he is growing up as an underdog but he decided to change his life at one point. I can relate myself to Henry’s character. I relate to his strong character, as it resembles so much as mine. I also considered that I was as well an underdog at one point in … Continue reading Draft

Rough Draft – First 1000 Words

by Claudia Keurdjekian Ham on Rye, by Charles Bukowski, is a novel about an immigrant boy that lives in California, named Henry Chinaski. As readers we get to see Henry’s life through his eyes, and his description of what he has lived in the past. Henry’s long and lonely years of his hardscrabble childhood has allowed him to evolve as a character. Throughout the novel Henry tries to keep up with his tough guy look, and then there are some moments where we, as readers, see beyond his thick skin, and realize that he’s such a sensitive human being. His … Continue reading Rough Draft – First 1000 Words


By Ilyas Mohamed Main Idea: I was able to relate to Henry’s battle against loneliness and his journey to his identity (Resilience) As I was reading through this semi-biographical novel, the characterization of Henry Charles Bukowski reminisced me of my first month in high school. I will never forget the First Day. Time flies, it seems it was yesterday. High school seemed dreadful. Just think about it, most American movies depict High-School as hell. Strict teachers, piles of homework, agonizing bells and, on top of that, bullying was, of course, the biggest threat. Would you be among the popular, athletics, … Continue reading Resilience