Starring Mr. Unreliable Chessgrub

Dear Mr. Norton, After thoroughly reading and rereading the novel Motherless Brooklyn, written by Jonathan Lethem, it is clear to me that the most intriguing aspect of the novel to focus on while adapting it to film is the major conflict of the story, namely Lionel’s own inner conflict. Additionally, there should be a certain focus on how Lionel comes closer to self-acceptance as he gets closer to uncovering Frank’s murderer. JEFF’S NOTE: I LIKE THIS IDEA. Throughout the novel (but mostly in the beginning), we see Lionel ticcing into near insanity throughout the majority of his inner monologue as well … Continue reading Starring Mr. Unreliable Chessgrub

Evolution of One’s self

Motherless Brooklyn was an amazing book, that deserves to be properly portrayed in its cinematic production. The main essential aspect that we should really try to push as much forward in this movie is the character of Lionel itself. There are many reasons why this should be done in such manner, which I will discuss thoroughly. Not only should we be focused on the main character’s issues and problems, but we should also try to put an emphasis on the development of his person and the evolution he undergoes as the story goes on. For me, that was the aspect … Continue reading Evolution of One’s self

Jim Carrey as Lionel…?

Intro: not yet done Firstly, as a main character Lionel’s most compelling aspect is his tics, but mostly what are his tics made of and how he manages them. His tics will make this film a success and how you act them out. In the beginning of the novel Lionel expresses that he accepts the fact that he tics and he isn’t “shy” about it. “I’ve got Tourette’s”. (Lethem 1) Lionel clearly states that has Tourette syndrome and explains how he feels about it. HOW DOES HE FEEL ABOUT IT? He describes the feeling of when he tics and how … Continue reading Jim Carrey as Lionel…?