Task 6 (psycho-therapy) Dear Lionel, I know that happiness can be hard to find, especially when someone closest to you, even a father-like figure, passes away. However, you are not alone, there are other people that are going through what you are feeling or even, going through the same situation. At times like this you’re best bet is to grieve properly, don’t outrun it or else your unhappiness will grow, and with all it’s strength it will come out at you and there, at that moment is something very hard to recover. Don’t let yourself fall. Task 7 (Haiku) Five … Continue reading Creativity


    Dear Lionel, How are you? I know because of your Tourette’s syndrome, the life is kind of harder than others. But you know what my friend, you just need to be yourself and be happy about your life. As I read your situation, I could see how people were looking at you as a “not” person but I know how big are you and how you can overcome. I could also notice on your situation is that you need love for your happiness.   Haiku Love is coming Kimmery has fallen for you The world and setting of … Continue reading BREF

Haik you Find you

1-You are a therapist and Lionel has asked you for a diagnosis about what the greatest obstacle to his own happiness is. Write him a short letter with your professional diagnosis. You do not need to know anything about psychology to do this. I mean, just being a human and living in the world until now qualifies you. Dear Lionel, I hope you are doing great. I heard about your concerns on your lifestyle, hence, I decided to write you a letter with tips that can hopefully help you. In my perspective, I think that the greatest obstacle to your … Continue reading Haik you Find you

Motherless Brooklyn Aspects

The world and setting of the story. The setting comes to life in the novel and is like a secondary character after Lionel. Knowing the world around Lionel explains to the reader what kind of environment Lionel is living in. It helps us imagine better where he is and how this affects him. It is something I may want to write about since the setting is very well described and focused on by the author. The secondary characters. Lionel’s relationship with the other Minna Men is important to the story. It helps explain reasons why he goes off on his … Continue reading Motherless Brooklyn Aspects