Anna’s Reflection

For my creative assignment I will be making a new cover for the novel Voyage in the Dark. I will be drawing this piece. The scene I will be using from the novel will be when Anna looks in the mirror and sees Mr. Jefferies in the reflection. In my drawing the main object will be a large mirror in the middle of the page. I want to emphasis Anna’s perspective of herself. Anna is always contemplating who she is. I feel that the main theme of this novel revolves around how Anna perceives herself through others. A mirror reflects … Continue reading Anna’s Reflection

Hotel’s dispute

The scene from the novel that I will analyze is from page 69 to 71. Basically, this scene is when Anna and Walter are with Germaine and Vincent at the hotel.  Germaine is mad because Vincent acts like he’s perfect and this lead to a big dispute between them.  Germaine tells Vincent how she feels and she is not happy. I chose this particular scene because it`s the first time in the novel that a woman comforts a men which is really interesting. It was the first time that Anna witnesses this kind of dispute and that puts her in … Continue reading Hotel’s dispute