I can relate…can you?

Henry Chinaski is the tough and rough character that Charles Bukowski portrayed as his younger self in the novel Ham on Rye.┬áIn the novel this character gets into many fights and even becomes a leader of a group of kids he may rather not have around. He is the defender of underdogs and is also an underdog himself although he tries to hide this with the persona he puts out to the world. The beauty of this novel for me aside from how well written and raw the book is, would be the way I can personally relate to the … Continue reading I can relate…can you?

Voyage in the Dark Proposal

I have decided that for this project I will be using a creative medium in the way of a poem. I will write a poem that shows a kind of back and forth between her Walter about their feelings towards each other. What I will do is a back and forth within the poem where few lines will be Anna speaking and then the next few lines will be Walter. It will be them talking to themselves and not to each other but they are both doing it at the same time. They are speaking the words they wish they … Continue reading Voyage in the Dark Proposal