Lab 5

Part one: 1)I will be investigating the push factors and the reason why immigrants pay is significantly lower than a native born America. 2) -Where immigrants are primarily immigration from? -What kind of education did they get in their home countries? -Are university degrees from foreign countries being recognized in the United States? -Are Immigrants making enough money to provide for their families? -What jobs are immigrants finding once they immigrate -What jobs did immigrants have in their home comments – Why do immigrants make so little money in the States -What can immigrants do to improve their situation -Does the … Continue reading Lab 5

Optimism V.S. Pessimism

Jean Rhys’ Voyage in the Dark is a melancholic novel told through the eyes of Anna. Anna suffers from depression has a wide range if deep rooted issues: she is a pessimist and does not seize life’s opportunities like a typical 18 year old girl should. One of the key factors that influences her behavior is her move to England. Anna is originally from the West Indies and becomes unhappy once she departs home. I plan to try and depict Anna’s sadness of moving away from home through a painting.  I will be pulling out passages in the novel where Anna talks … Continue reading Optimism V.S. Pessimism