Reading response #9 comments on Jasmin’s second draft

First of all, you’re strongest aspect of this draft is your writing style and your examples. I really liked the way you started your second draft. I think that was a really original way to use those quotes. Especially when you italicize the word “home”, it really puts an emphasis, because that word has emotions and feelings attached to it. Also, towards the ending when you say: This is the best way to avoid the trap. The trap of dividing the world in two. Just the way you phrased it, it flows smoothly. I enjoy the way you have of making … Continue reading Reading response #9 comments on Jasmin’s second draft

Relating to a tough man

Ham on Rye, by Henry Bukowski, is a semi-autobiographic novel that reveals parts of his childhood on how he grew up as an outcast. A vulgar yet funny novel that shows his struggles to be a tough guy while discovering the pleasure of alcohol and writing. Henry tries to be indifferent about everything and never showing any attachment to anyone, yet his sensitive side is why I am attached to this character. I can easily relate to being cold and pretending I don’t care, but deep inside we are all sensitive about something. It is what makes us human. We … Continue reading Relating to a tough man