Socially Lacking

Ham on Rye, by Charles Bukowski, is a semi-autobiography novel during Henry’s school years. Henry is a character who has been through a lot of struggles, his environment and school are big factors of his struggles. He also doesn’t have the opportunity to know and respect himself, he desperately tries to be someone he isn’t and he has issues in finding his true nature. Henry does in fact relates to me in a way, but knowing what are my morals and values which are completely different to Henry’s. I have figured out that he lacks the desire for something, in … Continue reading Socially Lacking

Character description

Henry’s physicality. 1.At the beginning of the story, he is being treated as an underdog, incapable of standing up for himself and let everything go with the flow. Throughout the novel, we see Henry developing as a new and different character, he is able to stand up to his father’s bullying therefore he builds confidence and self esteem. Later on, when he gets insulted by a kid saying that he is a man, which means that he has similar physical attributes of a man’s. 3.He has the ability to learn new sports easily even if he is being rejected from … Continue reading Character description