Reading Response #9

Peer Review of Chloe Jonas’ Second Draft 1. I think that your draft was well organized. My favorite part of your essay was where you included your experience at the Galapagos. I found it really interesting, and I would love to see some pictures of it in your final draft. Your writing style is clear and simple. The flow of your essay is good, easy to follow. I liked the comparisons you make (the Walking Dead one especially). We can feel how passionate you are about your topic. Your ethical argument of you being a student in Environmental Science was … Continue reading Reading Response #9

Rough Draft – First 1000 Words

by Claudia Keurdjekian Ham on Rye, by Charles Bukowski, is a novel about an immigrant boy that lives in California, named Henry Chinaski. As readers we get to see Henry’s life through his eyes, and his description of what he has lived in the past. Henry’s long and lonely years of his hardscrabble childhood has allowed him to evolve as a character. Throughout the novel Henry tries to keep up with his tough guy look, and then there are some moments where we, as readers, see beyond his thick skin, and realize that he’s such a sensitive human being. His … Continue reading Rough Draft – First 1000 Words