Lab 5

Part one:

1)I will be investigating the push factors and the reason why immigrants pay is significantly lower than a native born America.


-Where immigrants are primarily immigration from?

-What kind of education did they get in their home countries?

-Are university degrees from foreign countries being recognized in the United States?

-Are Immigrants making enough money to provide for their families?

-What jobs are immigrants finding once they immigrate

-What jobs did immigrants have in their home comments

– Why do immigrants make so little money in the States

-What can immigrants do to improve their situation

-Does the government recognize the income gap

Part two:


This article is acknowledging the fact the there is a very large income gap between immigrants and the native born people of that country. It also goes into some detail about the actual salaries that immigrants are receiving within their first year of immigration. It will help me prove my arguments as now I have statistics to back up my arguments.

This article was a very lengthy article so I did not read the entire article. The sections I did read exams many sections of the life of an immigrant, from income, health care, poverty and many other aspects of life. The article provided several charts that compare the aspects of life of a native born American and an immigrant of America. These charts will be crucial for my article as it does not just show how immigrants have a major disadvantage in terms of salary but they face major difficulties in all aspects of life. They are the minorities and suffer greatly because of it.

This article really relays the message of how immigrants make up a large percentage of labor force in America. The article explains how immigrants are attracted to these jobs because they have strong unions as well as require little education. Although the pay is not very good immigrants need some kind of pay and need jobs quickly once they immigrate.



Part Three

It examines how immigrants are faced with an immediate disadvantage to native-born Americans in terms of pay. Immigrants earn far less than Native Americans and the issue is just not on the primary level, this progressing issue is handed to immigrant’s children as well. The article also addresses the pay difference between immigrants who come from different countries. This primary source is one that addressed the exact issues that my paper will be discussing; therefore it is a crucial article for me to use for me paper. I will need to examine all aspects of this article and use it’s information for my paper.

This article outlines the specific challenges that Latino immigrant face when they immigrate to America. The article goes through all sectors of the immigration process including the average income that many Latino immigrants receive which is why it is extremely appealing to my project. Latinos are currently the largest growing minority group in America and many of these people are struggling to find work. This article contains facts that will support my conclusion that Latino’s are some of the lowest paid immigrants in America.

This economics paper is an article that examines immigrants pay from a different stand point than traditionally done. The research done by an economist Timothy Hatton who chooses to examine immigrant’s salary’s and compare it to the pay of a Native American. The article is extremely attractive to my project as not only are the salaries of immigrants compare to natives but the salaries of different immigrants from diversified origins are compared to one another.





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