The last 3 classes

Here are how the last 3 classes will work:

Note: if you write a rough draft of at least 1,000 w0rds by the beginning of class on December 5, and you attend at least 2 out of the 3 final classes (I would, of course, recommend you come to all three), you will earn a 2% bonus on your final essay. (which will be 2% added to your final grade. So, you have the opportunity to earn 17/15, theoretically).


Note: the value of writing as much of this as you can in class is obvious. Besides saving you work at home, this is an excellent opportunity to get one-on-one feedback and help from me and your peers.

For Thursday, December 1 (at-home):

Write half of your rough draft. You should come up with an idea of how you’re going to approach the essay. What aspect of Henry’s character can you relate (or not relate) to? What personal experience will you discuss? What might your other paragraphs be about?

Come in with your first two and a half paragraphs for Thursday. Try to write as much as I wrote in my sample essay. About 500-600 words. Make a list of possible citations you might include.

On Thursday, December 1 (in-class):

  • Try to finish writing your rough draft. Post it to “Ham on Rye Rough Draft.”
  • I may or may not have time and offer feedback on your rough drafts.

For Monday, December 5 (at home):

  • Finish writing rough draft (if you haven’t). Post it to “Ham on Rye Rough Draft.”
  • Or, begin revising for final draft.
  • Bring in a hard copy of latest draft to class.
  • If you’ve written at least 1,000 words of your rough draft (and attend at least 2/3 of the last classes) you will receive 2 bonus marks.

On Monday, December 5 (in-class):

For Thursday, December 8 (at-home):

  • Keep revising draft.

On Thursday, December 8 (in-class):

  • Continue revising and rewriting draft. Work toward final draft.

For Monday, December 12, by noon (at-home):

  • Finish revising content.
  • Print out a hard copy and edit for grammar, writing, etc. Read draft out loud.
  • Make sure citations are properly integrated.
  • Post to category “Ham on Rye Essay.”

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