Anna sings Hope

By Mikaela Cuaycong

The scene I decided to work on is when Anna opted to get an abortion when she found out she was pregnant (Part 3, Chapter 6). I chose to re-interpret this scene because I do not agree that she should abort her child. Although this is her decision and she has the right to choose how to handle the situation as she is the mother, I believe that the ideal thing to do is to keep the baby.

I went for a song proposing Anna’s positive perspective on Walter leaving her and her having a baby because I am convinced it is a beautiful way to express oneself without having to explain much. Besides, I believe that Anna would rather sing her thoughts out instead of justifying herself in an extensive way to anyone.

In this piece, the thematic concern of the text that is being reflected is the complete opposite of what the original scene suggests. In this particular extract of the book, Anna decides with Laurie to write to Walter to ask him for money in order to pay for the abortion. On the other hand, the song I wrote suggests independence from him and hope for what is to come—her baby.

The only part of the song wherein the novel’s tone is borrowed is found on the first verse where it talks about how Anna used to hope that Walter will return to see her again and differently kiss her. This part was adapted from the former part of the novel where Anna thinks to herself, “Soon he’ll come in again and kiss me, but differently. He’ll be different and so I’ll be different. It’ll be different. I thought, ‘It’ll be different, different. It must be different” (20).

I don’t believe I picked any aspect of Anna’s character in producing this piece. I really wanted this to be in contrary of her personality that’s demonstrated in the story.

The main challenge I encountered in translating the thematic concerns of the novel into a song is determining what exactly Anna’s thoughts are in this particular scene in order that I may be able to transcribe the reverse to display hope and positivity in the piece.

Generally, I do not think the song I wrote and even the melody I chose succeeded in capturing the overall spirit of the book. The reason behind this is because the novel is all about Anna complaining about the people around her as well as her wishing to be someone else that she is not, thus portraying indifference and ungratefulness while the song I created encourages positivity and hope. However, the only aspect that this piece takes from the novel is the fact that it is written in Anna’s point of view.

Anna sings Hope


One thought on “Anna sings Hope

  1. Beautiful song! You have a lovely voice. I really like this. It must have been a tremendous amount of work to write and record a song like this. I also really like the video with the lyrics. This is a bit of a departure from the novel, but a really great effort nonetheless. The lyrics are really poetic and quite beautiful. I hope you continue to write and record songs. You’re really good at it!


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