What I should have said….


I have decided that for this project I will be using a creative medium in the way of a poem. I will write a poem that shows a kind of back and forth between her Walter about their feelings towards each other. What I will do is a back and forth within the poem where few lines will be Anna speaking and then the next few lines will be Walter. It will be them talking to themselves and not to each other but they are both doing it at the same time. They are speaking the words they wish they could say to each other but are too scared. I will use a poster board with silhouettes cut out of a man and woman and have the poems in the center of them. I will make sure the background is dark and gloomy but will also have a ray of light represented so that it can show that there may be hope for Walter and Anna to get back together. I would try to make the skyline of London if possible but also when I make the ray of light that would signify the hope for these two as a couple I may make it into a flower that is representative of the West Indies. I may use the scene when Anna reads the letter form Vincent and use that part to Segway into my poem and also show that Walter does miss her and want her back but that maybe Vincent was the one to talk him out of it.

The scene in the novel that I chose to work with is the one when Anna has left Walter for the last time. I chose this scene because it goes with the theme of hope and love that I wanted for Anna. I wanted to do a poem because it would represent the thoughts that Anna and Walter may have had. It somewhat reflects the theme of words and being used to convey emotions and feelings between them. It will borrow the tone of the novel by starting dark but by the end of the poem being hopeful and having light at the end of the tunnel. I think that I captured the spirit of the novel with this because it shows that in the end good things can happen even if you have gone through the bad to get there. In the project I was able to pick the imagery that Anna would use in comparing animals to people but also the deep thoughts she had about Walter that she tried to hide.




One thought on “What I should have said….

  1. I like the idea of a “letter dialogue.” It’s nice to see Anna speak her mind to Walter for once. This isn’t quite a “poem.” More like a letter. Or two letters. But, the call and response technique is playful and interesting.


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