Soundtrack of Anna’s Mind

Andrew Augoustis

The medium I decided to work with for this assignment is sound. My project is a song that represents what is going on in Anna’s mind when she flips back and forth from the present to the past. The beginning of the song starts off when she is living in the present and thinking about how she dislikes England so much. A passage that inspired this first piece of the song is, “When I got up I went out for a walk. It’s funny how parts of London are as empty as if they were dead. There was no sun, but there was a glare on everything like a brass band playing”(36). This quote basically describes Anna’s overall feelings about living in London, a place where she is so lost in her own darkness. She also tells us about how London looks all the same to her. In the first 30 seconds I tried to represent this idea of similarity by having a constant beat with the same sound playing in the background for the majority of the first part. The mood of the first part of the song really represents the darkness, not only found inside Anna but all around her as well. I tried to capture this essence of darkness by using loops that have an intense groove to it where you can really feel like you’re in Anna’s mind. On another note, the second half of the song starts to pick up into a more up beat tempo. This part represents Anna’s past life and how she was so happy back home living in the West Indies. The music is more cheerful than the first part and livelier. The sounds I used to represent this particular instance are bongos and an ensemble of horns to give it an island feel. I based this part on the passage, Sometimes I would shut my eyes and pretend that the heat of the fire, or the bed-clothes drawn up around me, was sun heat; or I would pretend I was standing outside the house at home looking down Market Street to the Bay”(7). This quote is from the very first page of the book and where we originally understand how home sick Anna is throughout the story. Now living in London it would make sense that she thinks of England as home but she cannot do that. Her home will always be the West Indies and she will never get over being away from home. The final 15 seconds, I tried to find an instrument that could recreate a build of thoughts and emotions. I chose to use the violin and at the very end, a sonic boom sound that symbolizes how Anna just eventually cracks when the past takes over her life. This song could be played on replay in Anna’s mind, since this past vs. present battle is constant throughout the story.




One thought on “Soundtrack of Anna’s Mind

  1. Pretty cool! I like the dance music style. Certainly a different way of looking at this novel. I like the progression of sounds, and how it mirrors Anna’s experience. It would have been interesting to see you try this for a particular scene, as the assignment asked. It would be interesting to see how this musical representation of emotions could run through one particular scene. But, this is a well-thought out and well-executed soundtrack to Anna’s mind. Nicely done.


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