Sound of silent agony

By Leila Bencherif

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I chose one of the scenes that have immediately grabbed my attention when I was reading Voyage in the dark, the last page when Anna is seeing the ray of light under the door and the first page of the novel. When I reread the book, I felt like the author’s ending is in correlation with the beginning, so I have decided to write my poem with the same structure as the author. I was really inspired by Jean Rhys to write my poem because the way she uses words to express the protagonist feelings she creates a gloomy ambience and even set the tone by using metaphors and strong imageries.

Therefore, when I tried to write it, I tried my best to include a lot of imageries and repeat certain sounds in order to create a rhythm along with the background music. In fact, my poem is different than other poems, I have decided to play a song with a dramatic and sad music while I recite the poem. I think that it is easier to put more emphasis on certain words or emotions that Anna have felt and the sad tone of the story when I recite the poem rather than another reader reading it.  As the author Rhys, I have tried to recreate the same dark and sad atmosphere through repeating letters, rhymes and music, those important elements add more depths, dimensions and transport the audience in another world…living in darkness.

I wrote the poem in a way that can be misleading for the audience. In fact, I wanted to create an effect of surprise and mix up the audience with the strategic use of the first person and third person singular. They will feel as if there was an omnipresent narrator and in the same time Anna herself talking. I used the following pronouns:  “I”, “we”, “you” to confuse the audience so they can feel that they are really living those sad moments. Also, the repeating sound “s” is a recurrent pattern in the poem because I wanted to emphasize even more the sound and emotions of  these words:  SadneSS and lonelineSS .

My poem is focusing more on Anna’s pain and highlights even more her loneliness and detachment in London. The protagonist’s sadness is slowly eating her soul. Moreover, in this poem I also choose to put the accent on Anna’s perception of the world she is living and her sad destiny.

At first, it was pretty easy when I brainstormed all my ideas however it became more and more difficult to link each verse together and find the perfect line and feel the deep emotions felt by the protagonist.  Also, I encountered multiple difficulties when I was writing my poem such as finding the right word that can be descriptive and full of meaning in the same time and rhymes. Moreover, finding the right melody was really difficult because each song evoke different emotions and sensations, hence I listened to hundreds of songs before I made up my mind and decided to choose Love Story by Peter Vamos. When I heard it, I could already feel the sadness as if someone was asking help but was unheard and suffocating under all the pain. It was the one and I knew it, but now I had another challenge which was to write my poem in a way that could match the chosen song.

The first two verses were easy to write, nonetheless the rest was really hard because I was struggling to find the perfect powerful word and in the same time create strong images that could affect and shook the audience emotionally. Furthermore, after many trial and errors I had another challenge: recite the poem with the same rhythm of the song. I practiced many times and it took me days before I could perfect it and obtain the desired product. After, I decided to name my poem sound of silent agony, because I feel that it describes well Anna’s emotions ; suffering when no one cares about her.Overall, I am really satisfied of the end product, doing this product taught me how hard it is to write and the importance of transmitting emotions through music but importantly words.


Sound of silent agony

She opened her vivid eyes

Lost in an empty hollow lane

There I see the sleepless pain

Memories, ephemeral reveries

Arose, reliving open scars

Grimed heart of treason



Sound of silent agony


Life’s bitterness smiles shabbily

Whirlwind blows on callous soul

Delicate and fugacious youthfulness

Beware! Beware!

You vulnerable tormented soul

I, we, YOU are not spared

Victim of fate’s sorrowfulness


Can man cruelty wipe life’s coldness?

Wailing your soundless sadness

Laughing they were

Crying you were


Enveloped by melancholy’s arms

London’s funeral

Buried you were

Sadness and happiness swirling in the cold air

Hopefulness swept away by forlornness


She closed her vivid eyes

Lost in an empty hollow lane

There I see the sleepless pain

Memories, ephemeral reveries

Arose, dispirited light

There I see

There I see

The last curtain falls



One thought on “Sound of silent agony

  1. This is really great! You’ve clearly put a lot of effort into this, and the result is very impressive. I think the soundtrack you chose is really appropriate and evocative of the time period of the novel. And, you have a real talent for words and rhythm. This is a really creative take on Anna’s frame of mind. My biggest piece of advice: keep writing poems. You’re very good at it.


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