“Sound” in the Dark

Alexander Vincelli

For my piece of work, I have chosen to work with audio and a scene in the book. The scene in the novel that I have chosen was when Anna was telling Walter about her past in the West Indies. She spoke about her past with her mom and dad and told Walter some stories. This scene was on page 44 to page 48. I’ve chosen this particular scene because I find it would fit in with the music and it has character. Anna somewhat talks with a different tone of voice and a much happier one. I did not want to just write an essay, I wanted to change it up, so therefore I decided to put my musical talents to the test. The text that I’m working with goes well with the audio part because when Anna and Walter are speaking, they have different tones of voices, from neutral to happy back to neutral. So, when I read this scene I thought that it would go well together and it will be played out like a movie.  It will have the voices and the music in the background to give it life. When recording the scene and acting it out without music, the scene had no life to it. It was just two people talking, but when you added the music and different tones in the background it helped it out just like in horror movies and the suspenseful sounds. Therefore the music helped the tone of the scene by making it feel more alive and understanding it. It also helped the listener judge what kind of words they were saying, positive words or speaking negatively. While the person was recording herself as Anna, I realized that she loved telling Walter about her memories with her parents but also that he considered herself black and her grand father wouldn’t like that.  During the process, my biggest struggles were really placing the music at the right time when Anna was speaking or when Walter was. It was trying to find what vibes I got when reading the passages. Other than that, the technical part of putting it all together was a bit challenging but fun because it was something new. After listening to my piece of work a couple of times, I really enjoyed the final product. My goal which was to use music to enlighten the mood of the scene was accomplished. Everything was done right and it just fell into place. I feel that it did capture the spirit of the novel in a way that the viewers will enjoy it. If I was more familiar with the program I used or know a variety of songs, maybe this project could have been better in that way but other than that, I find I accomplished my goal. My other thoughts would be that I really enjoyed doing this instead of sitting down for 2 hours writing an essay. I would do it again if I had a choice.


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