Reflection of Anna’s reality

By Jemirille Bajala-Tuazon

I have decided to do an art piece that will represent the book cover. I represented the scene of Anna when she is looking into a mirror and seeing her own reflection at the hotel when she met with Walter alone for the first time (20-21). For this project, I was inspired to use the dripping effect because it gives a sort of messy effect that sort of looked like this:


The idea was to represent Anna this way because she is a very complex character and she is hard to read.However, I was unable to use the same technique because I didn’t have the same kind of paint. I wasn’t able to do the dripping as I expected. So, I used a similar technique which is like watercolor technique. Basically, I poured some water on the painting of the reflection of Anna to give it a dripping look. The effect I decided to make a portrait of her that does not really show define and perfect straight lines and that gives off a disorganized appeal because that is how I feel about Anna when I read this book. Her train of thoughts are not very coherent because she always goes back and forth with her stream of consciousness, therefore I was inspired to represent it that way. The leaking of the paint could also be seen as Anna falling apart. I believe that her identity is questioned a lot for that reason she does not have a steady personality. Moreover, the paint drips on her face making it look almost as if she’s crying which represents her a lot since she is a very sad person.  Also, the tone is very dark, so mostly I chose to use dark colors such as black reflects her mood. The contrast between the white and black shows the lack of color or happiness in her life. Simply, painting this I felt the need for more colors because it was all in different shade of grays or black. I tried to add a touch of red to represent the shaded light of the bathroom she was describing and it gives also a tone of mystery or suspense in a way. However, it was impossible for me to make into a thick layer because it made it a bright color and turned the painting into more of a scary portrait because the bright red looked like blood. As a result, I decided to blend it a bit with a cloth and add a shade of black to keep dark tone that I want to express in this painting. The frame of the mirror was improvised and I was inspired of the parts in the books that described furniture with features of woman and that is why I made them curvy in some way. Initially, her eyes were blank because it gave out a dead stare which seemed like an accurate representation of her but I decided to do it otherwise and put some life into her eyes by drawing her pupils. I feel however this does not completely capture the way she feels about herself when she looks at her reflection because it does not seem as if she felt like she was looking at somebody else. Overall, I think it went pretty well regarding the fact that art isn’t my greatest talent. It was a challenge but I think that the concepts I tried expressing are there.


One thought on “Reflection of Anna’s reality

  1. This is great! It’s a really nice picture, and your explanation for the choices you made make it even more interesting. It is a apt representation of Anna’s character. I like the watercolour technique you use. It certainly adds to Anna’s fragmented vision of herself. The colours are great too, the greys and the dirty pink. I think this really describes the feeling and tone of the novel really well. Overall, this demonstrates a strong engagement with the novel, and is a really cool piece of art on its own. Great work!


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