Geezers with Overgrown Facial Features

Written by Lucas Tremblay-Moll

For the creative project I will attempted to create a partially abstract piece that will depict the bold contrast of Anna’s current world and her past. The dark, symmetrical and bland image of London that seems to take over her life, compared to to the beautiful, light and free world of the West Indies.The center of the drawing ones sees a beautiful female figure to represent Anna and to her left and right sides there are the darkness and the light. On the right side of figure there is a very unoriginal representation of an island, with palm trees, marshmallow clouds and a great sun shining down. The reasoning behind this choice is simply because throughout Voyage in the Dark, Anna depicts her mother country as something that almost seems illusory or fake; a snow birds perfect destination complete with the blue waters and saturation of palm trees. This side of the piece seems a bit under worked, but was done for a reason: to represent Anna’s undying want to return to a place that is unfortunately unobtainable, a blur. To contrast, the left side is darker, symmetrical and rugged. The exaggerated facial figures of a man seem to attract the focus. The contrast between the flowery West Indies and the gross nose, bushy eyebrows, and moist lips of an old man was what I was trying to demonstrate. The focus is pushed towards these parts because of the way Anna describes men as being very grotesque and disgusting, which I enjoyed reading about. The lines of this side are much dark to show the constant weight of the world that seems to oppose her.The buildings and symmetrical shapes at the right bottom of the drawing are meant to depict London and its absolute blandness: just a bunch of lines without meaning. I decided to use buildings to represent London because when I think of something that doesn’t appeal to any senses, I think of boring old buildings that seem to take over the world. I was not necessarily inspired by a very specific scene, but more of the novel as a whole and its heavy contrasts. Especially the way Anna describes all the lovely men in her life, that seemingly all looked the same: snotty old geezers with overgrown facial features. I was also inspired by the uncomfortable position Anna has to live with, where she constantly dreams about moving back to the West Indies, but unfortunately can’t. She continually teases herself with this dream life utopia while living in utter dystopia. I was satisfied by the way it turned out in the end because it also encapsulates the stream of consciousness that is shown in the novel. When I think it tends to be all over the place and unorganized, which is how the drawing ended up turning out. The only real challenge I ran into while creating this was, of course, the extent of my artistic talent, but otherwise I think everything came out smoothly.


One thought on “Geezers with Overgrown Facial Features

  1. This is a terrific piece. I really like the stream of consciousness style. It’s really effective. I like the ill-defined place of memories, and I especially like the grotesque man. This really hits home with how Anna depicts men in the novel. In style and spirit and execution, it is a fitting visual representation of this novel as a whole. Nicely done.


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