Anna’s Reflection

For my creative assignment I will be making a new cover for the novel Voyage in the Dark. I will be drawing this piece. The scene I will be using from the novel will be when Anna looks in the mirror and sees Mr. Jefferies in the reflection. In my drawing the main object will be a large mirror in the middle of the page. I want to emphasis Anna’s perspective of herself. Anna is always contemplating who she is. I feel that the main theme of this novel revolves around how Anna perceives herself through others. A mirror reflects who you are but for Anna it is also about how she finds others see her. To add onto this idea, Anna seeing herself in the mirror can reflect her inner sadness. Also I will be working with mainly dark colours because Anna always describes things in London as dark and lonely. The last object will be a clock.  Clocks are important because it is repeated several times in the novel. I feel as if clocks represent Anna’s view on her life. When she looks at clocks, she is always hoping that maybe one day she will feel better and be placed in a better situation.  Clocks can also represent her life expectancy. By this I don’t mean she’s going to die, I mean she is always looking at the clock wondering when her suffering will end.

I felt like doing a book cover because I felt it would express my feelings for this book better than my writing would. The style and tone of this novel is very dark. When using a media like drawing, it is easy to express these dark feelings by the colours you use and what type of drawing techniques you use. Anna’s character is also very dark. When I drew the mirror I was thinking also of how Anna would view the mirror itself. So I made the mirror look medieval because those times were very dark. Some difficulties I endured while drawing this piece was getting the perfect combination of emotions. When drawing , it can be difficult to draw things in a different manner than they are usually drawn in. When drawing the clock, I tried to make it seem a little dark but it was hard to portray a clock as being dark and sad. The mirror was the most difficult part. This was my main object in the drawing because I found it had such importance in the novel. I wanted it to look the most realistic and also look very medieval. I feel as if I caught the main theme in the story by this drawing. I worked very hard focusing on the dark aspects of this novel and also trying to make it look real. The overall theme of this book can be many different things but everyone can agree that Anna’s character is very angry and sad. I wanted to work with her emotions mainly because that is who the novel is based on. I was surprised to see how well it turned out. I was a bit nervous doing this project because I didn’t know if I would capture the exact theme of the novel through this drawing.

Siobhan McDonagh



One thought on “Anna’s Reflection

  1. Interesting! I think this would make a very appropriate cover. Lots of interesting detail which you’ve clearly put a lot of thought into. Nice work.


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