Wishing for…

By Jerry Huang

The scene I chose to work with for my creative project was the final scene, where Anna is lying in a semi-cathartic state, on the brink of death and her fate unknown. I chose to base my project upon this scene because it is one that expresses much of Anna’s real character: she tries to appear hardened by her experience but ultimately, she is still a child and channels much of her internal emotions similarly. The emotions Anna expresses here are ones that are completely new to the reader, and thus the scene becomes ever more powerful.

I chose to use music as my creative medium because I find writing fails to express the entirety of how I interpreted the scene and music can resonate with listeners better than writing can. In addition, I personally find a greater deal of enjoyment from playing and listening to music, therefore I took this project as an opportunity to have fun at the same time.

I feel my final product reflects what occurs in the novel and especially this specific scene because throughout the piece, the various shifts in tone, melody and dynamics show the various emotions that Anna experiences within the scene. In it, Anna shows how she is still just another individual who wishes for a sense of comfort and to be loved by others, as shown in her monologue. As a result much of this chapter comes off as much more sad than dark compared to the rest of the novel, as it focuses primarily on Anna’s failures and how she wishes she could have a second chance.

I find my piece is meant to borrow specifically from the tone of the novel, as it is an audio representation of how I personally interpreted the novel. I kept the majority of the piece’s beginning slow and soft as a way to reflect how the story is dark and glum. Towards the middle, the tempo changes and faster notes are played while the piece gets louder (crescendo). While it does not maintain the depression mood that the novel frequently portrays, this part of the piece is meant to reflect the sadness Anna bottles within herself, and her constant reflection of her past that is forever gone. Because I personally felt these were the primary themes present within the novel, I created my project with the goal of clearly expressing them within it.

The main challenge I had while working on this project was the issue of trying to compose something that I felt satisfied what I had in mind. It was not too difficult to create a general melody, as I took a lot of time listening to various soundtrack pieces to find melodies which I wanted to borrow and modify to create my piece. However, because what I did was compose several sections individually and then piece everything together like a puzzle, I found that it was tricky to find ways to transition form one melody to another while not creating any sections that sounded off beat.

In the end, I am proud of my work and I feel it incorporates everything I understood about the book to the best of my ability. I feel that I was able to properly mold the novel into an auditory piece that can be enjoyed by anyone who has read the novel.


One thought on “Wishing for…

  1. What a wonderful piece. I love when people choose to compose musical scores. It’s such a beautiful way to convey the emotions of the novel. And I think you do that quite successfully here with the last scene. That scene is so filled with difficult feelings, and your piano piece is complex and dynamic. Your text, as well, neatly sums up your intentions and your feelings about the piece. All in all, a terrific interpretation.


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