Walter Vs. Maudie: The None Ending Battle

For my creative project, I have chosen to recreate the scene (38-39) where Maudie and Anna had a conversation about Walter and other men similar to him. Maudie gave her some life lessons and how she needs to act around Walter, which is to take advantage of his money and avoid sentimental connections because it might be dangerous. She is speaking from experience, Maudie also had bad experiences in her days with some man named Viv, who ruined her life and changed her view towards men in general. He made her what she is now, a woman being selfish and taking everything for granted, and she wants to avoid Anna to end up in the same situation that she was back then. Basically, instead of Maudie speaking to Anna about how she need to perceive men and how to act around them, I replaced her with Walter because I know that Maudie and Walter are two completely different people, they share almost no similar characteristics. So Walter will be talking about women and how they should act around men. I know that Walter is using Anna for his personal need, to be precise to fill sexual pleasure. Also, the recreation of the scene I chose using Walter instead of Maudie, is simple because I bore in mind the huge gap difference between Maudie and Walter which facilitates and gives me more possibility for a new scene. In my scene, Walter is also talking about Maudie as Maudie did about him. Walter sometimes tend to express his ideas indirectly; he compares his situation using someone else’s. As an example, in page 75, Walter compares his situation where he’s always being asked for money from Anna and he is sick of it, so he indirectly explains it through Vincent and Germaine’s relationship. I have chosen this scene because I wanted to remake a scene somewhat ironic and funny in a way, and the switching of characters in the scene in the pages 38 and 39 came up to me. Maudie and Walter are two people that contradict each other via their ideas and thoughts which I find funny. I chose to do a writing system because other mediums are not something I am really interested in or good at it, the writing medium is more ideal for me. In the scene I recreated, I am still in Anna’s perspective and I only changed the characters of a scene, I tried to keep similar reactions and expressions of Anna in the novel and Walter’s as well.  Anna is a girl who is not scared to say what she dislikes, she has various thoughts (flashbacks) about the West indies and she likes to drink. Walter is more of a man who likes to take advantage of a younger woman, trying to be a gentleman but at the end, he just wants to be in bed with her. I found it hard how Walter would react sometimes and by what names he calls Anna. I found Anna easier to translate in the scene because the whole novel was about her, therefore, I had plenty of idea how to make her react or express herself. The scene that I created represents somewhat the relationship between Anna and Walter, and what both of them desire to get from each other.



‘Why do women always keep asking men for money? Sometimes men only want a female friend to be around instead of their wife. Is it too much to ask of them?’ Walter said.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me? Anyways, how’d you like the rooms, I got for you?’

‘How have I gotten into contact with an insane person? I thought. ‘I think he is crazy; I don’t like him.’

‘It’s so funny, sometimes you have that look in your face that probably mirrors your self-talk that you have in your little head.’ he said. ‘I think a drink will help you relax a bit.’

‘Soda water will do.’ I said with utter lost.


As soon as he leaves the room to get me a drink, I feel cold again. It is like if Walter’s body temperature warmed the room and now that he is out, I feel chilly. The high-ceiling feels like it keeps getting higher, it reminds me about the distance between me and the West Indies.


‘Voila! I got you your drink. Also, have you noticed the grapes, pineapples and acanthus over there? Walter said with a gentleman-like voice.

‘I hate it.’ I said. ‘Also, your voice hurts my ears.’

‘Don’t be so rude, I have brought you a drink after all and got you a warm place to sleep through the night.’

‘No, I don’t even like it, it gets cold whenever you leave the room.’

‘Oh, so you want me to be by your side?’

‘I never said that I hate these rooms.’

‘I never get it; you people are never satisfied with what men offer you. Some women always believe that more is better, is there any way to give enough whilst us, men, won’t get desperate at the end of the day?’ Walter said.

‘I am sick of you talking.’ I said.


‘Don’t you get it?’ He said angrily. ‘Last year, I met a young woman in her eighteens, she looked stunning. She was with a friend a little bit older than she is. The older one, her friend, always gives her life advice and she thought I wouldn’t know. She was basically brainwashing this little girl with her stupid tips on how to live her life. Women a bit older think that they know everything, and they are the same people who make men suffer, which I hate so much.’


He then stared at me. He had a piercing look in his eyes as if he was trying to read my thoughts. I still disliked him whatsoever. And then I thought, ‘People around me have the nerve

to act tough and superior because I’m younger than them but that’s all right.’


The younger ones have more years ahead of them but we are burdened by those who have lost their years and are nearer to their death. They curse us for their lack of youth because we reflect what they lack. They are like incapable rats, trying to get something that they can’t get.

Walter still stared at me. And I began to laugh. I said, ‘Why are you staring at me like that?’


‘I don’t know anymore, my darling, you tell me,’ he said.

I wanted him to call me darling again, just once more.


He had not said a word; he is waiting for me to reply. ‘I want to go to bed.’ I whispered.

He approached me and kissed me, I almost cried but I resisted. He sat next to me on the bed and had his hand on my lap. I tried to jerk my legs off but he still insists in grabbing it and I liked


‘The old woman, your friend, what was her name again?’


‘Is she still around?’

‘Yes, I will be seeing her anytime soon. Today is her birthday.’

‘Oh, that’s great. But I need to advise you to be careful around women of her age and even

older. They are pretty dangerous.’


I started thinking about the night where Uncle Bo and me, were looking at the sky while he was gulping on whiskey, he always compared me with the stars which made me feel better and we laughed together.


‘You pretty little devil, are you listening to me?’

‘Oh, I always do listen whenever I am not thinking about my home country.’

‘Good Lord, you really are a pretty bad girl,’ he said.


I didn’t listen much. I was thinking about the cold and dark streets outside; it makes me sick sometimes. And it is a damned shame that it always looks like that. I don’t get how people can walk on these streets regularly without no concern about the lack of beauty found outside – it is so ugly but I need to accept it, I suppose – oh even houses here are hurting my eyes, I hate it so much – The sun is rarer than diamonds, we don’t see it often with all those clouds every day.


‘I am tired.’ I said.

He started kissing me again. ‘Anna, I need to talk to you about Maudie.’ he said.

‘What is it?’ I said. I really did not care; I was interested in his kisses.

‘Your friend might have some crazy ideas about me and I hate having a bad image around anyone, so beforehand, I want to let you know that sometimes what you hear might not always be true or correct,’ he said. ‘But I know you quite well, you are sweet and pretty but you can also look pathetic if you let other women order you around sometimes.’ And then he started to kiss me and touch me all over the place.


I was confused not knowing if I should take it as a compliment or an insult. Walter looked at my stockings that I anxiously bought recently and he said, ‘Those stockings match perfectly with you, it’s beautiful.’ I laid on the bed, I was getting sleepy but I wanted some whiskey.


‘You need to understand that a person’s level of worth differs to one another, so you ought not to be influenced by others, especially older woman.’


I began to laugh. ‘But it isn’t always going to be like this, is it?’ I taught. ‘Will he always be like this? I don’t think so, something will make him change.’

Walter noticed that I was tired and he said, ‘I see that you are not in your right mind to think properly anymore, I will surely leave you alone and write to you. After all, I need to go see Vincent.’ He then kissed me one last time on my forehead and left me alone in this cold and dark room.


Before leaving, Walter turned around and said, ‘I will write as soon as I can, sleep well.’

‘Alright.’ I said. ‘You still have my new address?’


‘Yes, yes, I still have it. Don’t worry, I told you I won’t lose it. Go to sleep now.’ he said, trying to end our conversation quickly.


I have a sensation that he didn’t want to come to this place rather he wanted to see me in his place or somewhere else. Anyways, I got to sleep really quickly.

Hersi Nur






One thought on “Walter Vs. Maudie: The None Ending Battle

  1. Really interesting! I like how you’ve adopted the tone and style of Anna’s narrative voice. I felt like I was reading a deleted chapter from the novel. You’ve managed to touch on a lot of interesting thematic elements in this scene: Walter’s attitude, Anna’s wandering thoughts, their relationship, etc. This demonstrates a really strong reading of this scene and the novel as a whole. I enjoyed reading this. Nice work.


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