The Show Must Go On

Sara Vetere

For my creative assignment, I want to focus on the very first scene of the novel. (p. 7) This scene seemed as though it would be most interesting to recreate into somewhat of an artwork because of how descriptive and captivating it is. From the very beginning, the author gives the reader an insight of Anna’s mind and it sets the tone for the rest of the novel. Although I have no real talent in painting or music, I’ve decided that I want to create some form of poster and collage using different images printed off the internet. Before I began working on my collage, I got some red material and with the help of my grandmother who has a sowing machine, I pleaded the material to make it look like theatrical curtains (as best as I could), as this depicts the very first line of the novel. I wasn’t sure how I would get my curtains to stay up and function easily, until I realized the I could put Velcro at the top of my poster so my curtains could be easily attached and detached. This curtain essentially hides all of Anna’s inner thoughts, and represents some kind of ending or revelation. Behind this curtain will be the very first impression we get of Anna’s state of mind and how she perceives the world around her. Anna’s silhouette is presented in the middle of the chaos, which I decided to depict as London, England. Even though there may be sunlight shinning down on her, I used silver and white beads to recreate snow and rain. The reason for this is because Anna can’t seem to find the light and happiness in England and she’s constantly cold. The reason she’s holding an umbrella that is traced in red glitter (to give it some kind of emphasis) is because it essentially protects and shields her from everything good that England may have to offer, and that she simply refuses to appreciate and grasp. She’s living in obscurity and can’t seem to get used to the cold and greyness that she faces. She also makes constant references to colors. For this reason, I’ve depicted a hand under Anna, which has colors dripping out of it, because all the life and joy she once felt in the West Indies, has essentially been “sucked out of her”. No matter how colorful the world really is, she always finds herself living in darkness. In addition to this, there is a constant clash between the ideas of hot and cold, which I’ve depicted in my collage as well. Lastly, I decided to use images of our 5 senses because this is what reminds her of home, and she constantly uses these to reminisce and describe the things and people around her. I faced many challenges in doing this art work, and I think my biggest challenge must’ve been recreating the words into a meaningful, symbolic image, and being successful in getting my message across. I’m rather satisfied and do think I succeeded in recreating my scene, although it wasn’t easy.


One thought on “The Show Must Go On

  1. This is great! Really imaginative. I love the red curtains. Also, the red curtains look like a woman’s skirt. It seems symbolically appropriate to have to lift a woman’s skirt in order to access the artwork. Really cool. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into this. You manage to touch upon a lot of really interesting motifs in this novel, and you do it with style and originality. It’s great. Is there a scent coming off of the collage? Is that my imagination? Anyway, great work.


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