Hope You’re Hungry!

By Julia Graziani

Anna tends to use objects to physically describe other characters in the novel. Therefore I wanted to use objects to describe Anna, not physically however, spiritually of her fate. For that reason I chose to work on the pages 89-91, which led me to show two paths of Anna’s destiny. This scene begins with two plates of food one is “dark meat” the other is “lemon-cheese tart,” as Anna is trying to write a letter to Walter, after he had broken it off with her (89). The thematic element I used in this scene is the symbolism of these two plates of food, which is the meaning behind each plate, or path, for Anna. As one plate symbolizes a journey of living her life and moving on without Walter holding on to an ordinary life she once had in the West Indies, and the other plate, with the lemon-cheese tart, would symbolize a path of being a prostitute, which then indicates Anna not being able to move on from Walter and the experiences she had with him, holding on to false romance and money. Since what I have created was to show Anna’s destiny, I tried to make it colourful in a way to guide her to choosing the right path. However, the first page indicates an image of what Anna would look like, confused and sad trying to write a letter to Walter, which is the only part of this journal of fate that has no colour; her outline in black on a white sheet of paper. I wanted this image to reflect on the tone of the novel of how she sees no light and there is always a gloomy and dark atmosphere. The journal of fate demonstrates the opposite effect of her dark ways to attempt to show Anna the bright side of things. As I was working on Anna’s journal of fate, I realized that possibly the reason Anna always tends to reminisce about her life back home in the West Indies, is because maybe she missed having an ordinary life with her family instead of being left alone in London trying to survive on her own. Her self-reliance could have been the reason why she was so dark maybe she wasn’t ready for a life on her own opposed to what she led on, as a tough independent young lady. My concern about translating the thematic elements about the art I have created is for others not to pick up on what I am trying to portray. For example, I placed heart stickers on the images where her heart would belong depending the path she would choose so if it was the dark meat, her heart would be set on family and her trying to pick up the pieces of her life back home in the West Indies, and if it were the lemon-cheese tart her heart will belong to fake love and money. I think that my art work captures the spirit of the novel, because there is always light in a dark tunnel. Therefore, no matter what path Anna may choose I believe that she will one day see the light, due to her darkest experience of having an abortion at the end of the novel, she finally captures “the ray of light under the door” (159). The darkest paths always lead us to a new beginning.



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One thought on “Hope You’re Hungry!

  1. This is great! Really imaginative and creative. I really like the collage style of the scrapbook. It gives this cartoonish feel to the novel, which I think suits it quite well. It certainly demonstrates a specific reading of the novel. Your explanatory text is a really nice compliment to the artistic piece, and shows nice engagement with what’s going on in this scene. I enjoyed thumbing through this scrapbook. Great work.


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