Half Empty, Half Full

Nadav Sarid


November 21, 2016

Creative Project


My goal for my creative project was to depict the world that Anna sees and the world that actually surrounds her. We know that she is depressed, she finds it hard to see the joy and beauty in life and in turn misses out on what life has to offer. When making my creative project I wanted to depict a street in the countryside of England that is beautiful and colorful. My goal was to produce two versions, the first in the eyes of Anna and the second drawing that reflects the world that she is actually surrounded by. Anna has a specific hatred for England; “I got used to everything except the cold and that the towns we went to always looked so exactly alike.”(Rhys 8) My drawings are aimed to represent page 8, Anna described in a scene how she feels about England and what she thinks about the scenery that she is now surrounded by. I was attracted to making two drawings the way I did because while I was reading the novel Voyage in the Dark I was constantly thinking what does this scene actually look like. I felt that every scene was like a painting that had very little color and very little going on. I wanted to be able to create a drawing that represented the way the novel was presented, lots of grey, little color and a lack of passion. The sky is dark and grey and the image is overall very gloomy. The houses are no longer cute, the sky is no longer blue and the sun has vanished. The flowers are dying and the garden has very little growing. The whole Image is depressing as Anna is in a depressed mind set for the entire novel. This drawing is a representation of the style of writing used in the novel. In my second drawing I wanted to be able to take that same scene and add lots of emotion and activity by adding color. Both my drawings are aimed to be the same landscape however I wanted the second one to be able to display what England actually looks like, not as Anna or the novel displays England. The goal was to draw England on a beautiful sunny day, blue-sky’s, cute homes with colorful and flourished gardens. This drawing is supposed to represent the optimist, who see’s the scenery for the beauty that it has to offer. A beautiful day is a beautiful day and there does not have to be any negativity that surrounds that moment. During the process of the two drawings I struggled significantly more with the drawing that represented the novel. Personally I found that the novel was very dark, I did not enjoy the way it was written so it was hard for me to draw something that portrayed the way I privately viewed the novel. I believe that I achieved a medium between how I read the novel and how the author intended the novel to be read. Overall I feel that my creative piece is a good representation of the novel and the way that it can be viewed in the eyes of two different people.



One thought on “Half Empty, Half Full

  1. This is a very interesting and original idea. It’s always interesting to look at different perspectives. I like the two different versions. Also, the drawing is very good. There’s one inaccuracy in terms of the novel: Anna does not live in the countryside of England, as you say in your text, and as you depict in your picture. She lives in London, which is very much a city. So, your drawing is very imaginative and makes an interesting statement about perspective. But, it’s not really true to the setting of the novel. Regardless, it is a good idea, and you executed it well.


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