Every dark side has a bright side

Steven Colalillo

For the creative project, I have chosen the final scene of the novel. In this scene, Anna is bleeding out in a room accompanied by a doctor and Anna’s friend Laurie, who were not really paying attention to Anna. I chose this scene because it clearly showed the moment where Anna can see she had made the wrong choice to abort the child. She is slowly bleeding out and dying after this abortion and sees a ray of light which to her can symbolize the life she could’ve had if she had not gone through with the abortion. With the child, she would finally have someone to care for and possibly have a better life than the one she had been living in for so long. I wanted to do this drawing of this specific scene because when reading the novel, I had a very clear picture of what this final scene looked like to me and I wanted to show everyone how I envisioned her final moments. The thematic concerns are reflected in my drawing by coloring only half of the drawing and keeping Anna’s half in black and white. I have done this because throughout the entire book we are subjected to Anna’s dark and “colorless” life around her. We are constantly reminded of the life and beauty of either her hometown or other people’s lives but this beauty is never around Anna. The themes from the book that I am trying to portray are the darkness and lack of grace in Anna’s life. The biggest challenge of translating the thematic concerns to this medium was trying to integrate all the small key components for Anna and the novel’s darkness into a drawing of just the last scene. I believe I was able to complete this by adding the clock, dog painting and several other objects that Anna mentions. I illustrated the musician she’s remembering in her final moments and the rainbow and blue sky that she remembers all the people dancing under; which when put all together really complete the drawing and translate the message intended. The last observation I’d like to state that relates to the novel is the placement of the door and road. The door is so close but yet so far to Anna and is being closed forever. When she reminisces about her past and joy in it, we can perhaps imagine the door being connected to a road that leads back to the mountains and old estate where Anna used to live and where Anna felt joy for the last time in so long. The musicians in the car are playing for Anna for the last time as they drive off away from Anna. The musicians leaving is the last beautiful memory Anna ever has and maybe after she dies she will follow the road with the musicians to her “promise land” and back to happiness that has been missing in her life for so long.50136984796__393ba721-1c3e-4fc8-8b54-462503955d42


One thought on “Every dark side has a bright side

  1. I really like this drawing. It’s terrific. It’s extremely detailed. You’re quite a good artist. I love the juxtaposition of the black and grey with the colour. This is a really strong interpretation of what that last scene looks like. And, I really like the dream-like nature of the colourful scene. It’s just a great picture, full of depth and dynamic harmony and contrast. Plus, the frame is a really nice touch. Finally, your text points to a real strong understanding of this last scene, and the meaning playing out beneath the surface. Excellent work.


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