Colors of depression

When I started to read Voyage in the Dark by Jean Rhys, I did not like it at the beginning, everything seemed with no color, and too dark as the title itself suggests. Too many questions arose, what was wrong with Anna, why she is so negative, and takes self-destructive actions? Once I started to read between the lines, and participate in the discussions in class, my opinion on the book, and Anna changed. I became much interested in Anna, and her personality, mostly because I could relate with her in some issues in her life. I could somehow understand where her hostile attitude towards England came from; as I know from my experience that integration in a new medium can be long and painful, especially if there are no dear people involved in. Fortunately, I managed to live that life behind, and enjoy my life in my new home country. By contrast, Anna got stuck, and struggles between her past and future. Moreover, her attitude towards her environment is also connected to the stage of development she is now, a teenager trying to find who she is and what is her role in life? That is the reasons I decided to analyze Anna’s character, and the roots of her depression.

When the Creative project Assignment was assigned, I knew that my project will be around Anna’s personality, but I was not sure what exactly I am going to do. May be a recipe on what takes to come out of a depression, may be a poem about Anna, or may be to use some of the skills acquired in my Social Service program. Body mapping is one of the approaches to use when working with individuals; it helps to express emotions and feelings through drawing. This approach works for Anna because she is not a very talkative person, and expressing her feelings differently might be an alternative. Furthermore, she might be resilient to share feelings and emotions with someone else, in this case with the social worker.

Honestly, I do not know yet how to put the theory I have on this approach in practice, because till now I did not apply this approach in practice. The challenge would be how to represent Anna’s complex personality without using too many words. Anna had many things happening in her life, so I am nervous on how I am going to represent that on her body. Will I manage to identify all the issues and accurately portray them on Anna’s body map? What if I miss something important?

Nevertheless, I am excited at the same time, because each overpassed challenge is a new achievement, and a new opportunity to learn something new. I hope that my colleagues will appreciate my project, and may be come up with new ideas or what could be added to the map. I am excited.

By Marcela S.




One thought on “Colors of depression

  1. This is so great. Body mapping is a new concept for me, but it’s so appropriate to the discussion of character in literature. I may steal your idea for a future assignment! I also love the many quotes from the novel that come at you from all sides. Really effective. Taking quotes out of context like this is a really interesting way to look at the writing as pure language, and to make cool connections between different parts of the novel. It’s clear that a lot of work went into this, and it is a real pleasure to look at and read!


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