“Don’t Look Round”

By Anthony Sciola 

What led me to do this project was being able to connect with my artistic side again. I have never really drawn anything since high school; it wasn’t a passion of mine, so if I wasn’t asked to draw anything I wouldn’t. When you reach college (unless you are in an art program)you don’t really have opportunities to draw stuff anymore and your assignments usually consist of writing essays, so it was nice to connect with my artistic side again even if I’m not really all that good. The theme I tried to capture in my drawing was Anna’s feeling of resignation. Anna’s intention was to go out to buy stockings and Maudie said she knew a place so she accompanied Anna. While walking to the store Maudie realizes two men trying to get with them and tells Anna not to turn around. When the men pass the two girls, Maudie is the one engaging the conversation with the two men but even though Anna was maybe not comfortable with being in the presence of the two men she doesn’t say anything and just goes along with it. Anna knew the situation that was unfolding was wrong but, accepted it for what it is and went along with it. The style of my drawing is photorealism.  Photorealism usually portrays commonplace scenes with ordinary people in it and that’s exactly what I did. I looked up how people and buildings looked in the ‘30s and tried to the best of my ability to transmit it onto my drawing. This scene reflects from the thematic concern of the text because this is where Anna initially meets Walter Jefferies. It’s an important scene to take acknowledgement of because if Anna and Maudie would have actually just carried on with their walk and not welcomed the two men who knows what would have been in store for Anna. Maybe, Anna and Maudie thought by accepting the men’s company it would turn out to be a harmless gesture but, unfortunately for Anna it wasn’t. I tried to capture a 1930’s kind of style in which I included an old school Coca-Cola fridge, where you lift the lid to get your coke, the men wore top hats and walked around with elegant walking sticks, the women where in dresses and skirts and finally, I tried to make the scenery look very old and undeveloped. The aspect I picked up from Anna’s character is her curiosity. “Don’t look round, Maudie said. Two men are following us. I think they’re trying to get with us” (Rhys 10). It is not indicated in the book if Anna turns around or not but, to my imagination I believe she does because it’s the way we react as humans. If I say don’t think of chocolate, the first thing that comes to mind is chocolate, so by Maudie telling Anna don’t turn around I think she does take a look at the men before they eventually pass the two girls and intercept them. The only real challenge I had was making the people in my medium a bit more graphic. As you can see the men are more or less the same just coloured differently and Anna’s face isn’t really drawn graphically. I feel my work did succeed in capturing the spirit of the novel because in my opinion I captured the turning point of the novel if Anna and Maudie would have actually just carried on with their walk and not welcomed the two men who knows what would have been in store for Anna but, unfortunately they did accept their company. Anna fell for Walter and lost her virginity to a married man that was just using her for pleasure. This sets the tone for the whole novel because we are curious to see how Anna will recover from this heartbreak but, as we see she never does and kind of continues the same pattern with the other men she encounters. She has sex with them, they give her money and then the men return to their lives. Anna is lost but, things just continue to get worse when she gets pregnant and has no idea who the father is, she gets an abortion and hopes her life could eventually turn around. I find this scene so significant and important to the novel because it has so much meaning and plays such a big role in the novel. A meaningless action of accepting someone’s company started a snowball effect for Anna, we would never know what would have happened to Anna if she never met Walter and this is why I felt the need to capture this scene because a little action set the tone for the whole book.



One thought on ““Don’t Look Round”

  1. Great picture! I like how you tried to stay true to the architecture and the style of the time. I also like the dimensions and the proportions. I also like how Anna’s face is the only one you can see. The men seem like they’re aggressive animals ready to attack, which, I guess they are. All in all, it’s a terrific picture.

    I like how you mention Anna’s resignation and curiosity. These come through clearly. I would have liked to see you develop these ideas a bit more in your text. You do spend a lot of time summarizing what happens, which isn’t exactly the idea.

    But, on the whole, this demonstrates that you put a nice amount of effort and thought into this. It demonstrates an interesting interpretation of this scene. Good work .


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