Who are you?

by Neta Fudim

Task 1:

Henry’s physicality:

1. Other people would describe him as being ugly and grotesque to look at. His puss filled boils and pimples incite horror and disgust in all who see him.

5. His greatest physical asset is his physical strength. He can run, bike, play sports and box without getting exhausted like the other boys his age. He prides himself on how fit he is and how physically tough he is.

6. His greatest physical weakness is his skin. It makes him incredibly self-conscious and as a result he doesn’t have the confidence to be himself or to approach other people, especially girls.

Henry’s inner life:

1. He is a very intelligent person street wise. He knows how to survive and wiggle his way out of the tough situations he gets himself into. Though he reads a lot, in terms of school, he doesn’t apply himself and doesn’t succeed.

2. Henry has a great imagination. He uses it to cope with his loneliness and lack of affection. It develops throughout the book but when he begins to write it really becomes apparent that he is a creative person at heart. This affects his “real” life as well. For example, he thinks he sees god in his room one night and also when he’s drunk and offers Jimmy’s mom to sleep with him.

4. His outlook on life is very bleak. He views the world as a cruel and apathetic place run by the most power hungry and selfish people. He sees people as being oppressors of the weak and the poor and he often seems repulsed by the human race. In his view, there is no innate justice in the world, no benevolent god and no mercy for those who don’t fit the mold.

5. The character goes from being submissive to being dominant. He is afraid of his father and feels inferior to the other boys when they succeed at getting girlfriends or impressing girls. At the same time, when it comes to his ability to seem tough or his talent in certain sports like baseball he acts much more dominant. This is also the case when he is in the company of other “losers” like Abe Mortenson.

Task 2:

2. I have a decent imagination. One of my favorite hobbies it to daydream. When I was young I used to always get bored doing nothing so I learned to make up stories to entertain myself. I also doodle everywhere and it strangely helps me concentrate.

4. My outlook on life changes depending on my mood, sometimes it’s very pessimistic and other times it’s more hopeful.

14. The three things that make me the most angry are when people deliberately hurt animals and get away with it without even feeling guilty, people who hate and people who don’t think for themselves.

17. The three thing I value the most are family, perseverance and critical thinking.



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