Who are you?

Henry’s physicality.

How would other people describe the character’s physical appearance?

  • Throughout the novel, the reader gets only Henry’s perspective. He develops a lot of confidence and self-esteem during his time at Junior High that we can’t really say that his saying are genuine. For instance, he mentions, “Most teachers didn’t trust or like me, especially the lady teachers. I never said anything out of the way but they claimed it was my ‘attitude’ “. I suppose perhaps that he doesn’t have the right image of himself. In the beginning, Henry describes himself as a big man and I do believe that this is true.

How would you describe the character’s strength, endurance, and coordination when it comes to physical activity and sports?

  • Henry tried different type of sport but none of them could fit his skills. I think this is due to a lack of dexterity. I see Henry as a huge young teenager. Due to his weight and size, he must lack agility and therefore wasn’t the best at all sports. Also, I see him as slow teenager. The type of teenagers that are always last in a race.

Henry’s inner life.

What is the character’s biggest success in life so far?

  • I think that he’s biggest success in life is defeating his father. As he jumps to the next stage of life, we see that Henry is finding an identity and starting to understand life. However, due to his surrounding, his horizon stays limited and confined to certain topics such as sexuality. But, he gets used to the pain of life and I believe that getting through the painful moment of life is what shapes you later. Henry evolves and start to mature a bit. He’s becoming a man and it’s now time to face the man that he always crouched to. He demonstrated to his father that the fear that he has put into his had vanished. Only showing that made him the winner and this was a big step forward in his life.

What is your biggest delusion?

Each Thursday morning, my alarm starts at 6 am. I know that I have an English class at 8 am. I need at least 30 minutes to get there. Sometimes, It can take me more than 30 minutes due to the fact that the metro might stop one station before my station. However, I always wake up with a different mindset and I convince myself that hitting the snooze button is the best choice. So I hit the snooze button and happens to be it’s 7:13 pm and I only have 15 minutes to get ready. When I get to class I mutter under my breath that next time I would not hit that snooze button. But, I can’t resist.

By Ilyas Mohamed


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