Sample Creative Product Post

By Jeff Gandell

Explanatory Text

Here’s where you’ll write your explanatory text! You can re-read the instructions, but basically you want to tell us what you were trying to do, what scene you were working with, what thematic or stylistic elements you were attempting to recreate, and whether you felt you were successful or not. About 500 words.

“The Drinking of Warm Milk in Summer”

If you’re working in writing, write your title, and then write your text below it.

If you’re working in visual arts, you can give your work a title. Take a photo of your image and post it below your explanatory text. Don’t worry about the quality of the photo. I’ll have the original to look at.

You can enter a caption! Click on the picture for this option. Nice.

If you’re working in audio, post a Youtube link here.Just copy and paste the URL. Easy!


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