Henry’s Physicality

  1. Monstrous, frightening, demonic, scary.
  2. His boils that cover his body, later on the scars left over from the boils.
  3. Henry is very large, he is strong but not very coordinated. He is not in shape, he is more of a hulking mass.
  4. He is covered with scars.
  5. He is large and strong.
  6. The fat that e is not very coordinated.

Henry’s Inner Life

  1. Henry is not school smart, he didn’t really pay attention in school. He does have a sort of self taught intelligence about the nature of life, society and other people.
  2. Henry is displays some imagination, his stories are proof of that but in his life other then that he lives a very unimaginative life.
  3. Henry is fairly intelligent when it comes to common sense. He makes decisions based on his own thoughts instead of based on societal pressures like the rest of the characters.
  4. Henry is very cynical about life, unsurprising because f his childhood, he is ready for he worst to happen at all times and expects something horrible to happen in his life constantly.
  5. Henry tries to be dominant because that is the way he portrays himself but in many ways he can be seen as submissive. He submits to social norms by trying to be a tough guy.
  6. By fighting or yelling.
  7. His ability to survive and come out stronger.
  8. His inability to connect wit others emotionally.
  9. That he survives.
  10. To get away from other people, to write all by himself.
  11. That he is the toughest guy in the world.
  12. Emotions, connections with other people,
  13. Having his writing insulted, being insulted
  14. He prepared to do what he needs to do to live.

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