Reality Vs. Imagination

By: Natalie Brethour

For this Creative Product assignment I decided to focus on the last chapter of the story. I also attempted to tie in other moments of the novel that I considered to be of importance. I decided to use paint to illustrate my ideas in an artistic form. On the canvas you can see a dark scattered background which is already symbolic of Anna’s chaotic life. On top of this I painted a 10 shilling bill to illustrate the use of money throughout the novel and the importance of it for Anna to survive. I painted the words “No means no!” as well to represent the hints made towards the end of Anna perhaps being raped. On the canvas I also wrote the word sex considering this is Anna’s way of living. A fetus was also painted on the canvas as a symbol for the abortion she went through. All of these features are set in the background because these are the realities of Anna’s life. However, Anna rarely seems to acknowledge these things and rather enjoys resting in her imagination. Thus the painting in the foreground of a facial silhouette of a woman. Inside this silhouette I placed a stake being burned. I illustrated this through the use of sparkles to symbolize the explosion of how dramatic Anna was being in the novel by describing this scene. At the bottom of the figure I painted a door with the light shining through as she had described at the very end of the book. She leaves us with this sense of wonder as she focuses on the glimmer of light underneath the door and ignores the realities of her hemorrhaging. Overall, I wanted to use this project as a way to show Anna’s dissociation with life, her lack of attachment to reality. As well as show her child like tendencies by wandering into her imagination rather than dealing with life at hand.


One thought on “Reality Vs. Imagination

  1. Really well done! This certainly presents a different perspective on the novel. I like the attention to detail. All of the symbolic elements you put on the painting are very thoughtful. The overall colour scheme and balance make it its own unique piece of art, both borrowed from the novel, and something that says a lot on its own. Great work!


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