Henry’s physicality

  1. Other people describe Henry as little man, with little legs and little arms. He also describes other such as other was big and he seems not to be beef. 3

3. When it comes to physical sport

Henry’s inner life

  1. He seems more intelligent then his order friends in this novel. Like when I mean intelligent, it what the things to do and not to do. For example, when he was with his friends and his friends wanted to kill the cat but he didn’t wanted.
  2. I would Henry’s outlook such as a negative. Towards the novel, he seems always to complaint about his life and compare to other kids. The other kids seems to do things that he can’t.
  3. At the beginning of the novel, he seems to be submissive but he seems to change after and to be dominant. He started to give his own opinion and says what he wants.


1.I would describe myself such as a more or less intelligent guy. Sometimes I seem to be a bit lost and says things that make no sense haha. However, sometimes I may be the smartest guy you ever met, I say things that nobody know or heard about that.

3. I would describe my outlook as a positive one. I see the life as beautiful as my country ( Rwanda). There is some people who has no home and it’s difficult for them to live so I see myself such a lucky guy and see the life positively.

7. My greatest talent is to play soccer. The impact’s academy had give me an offer to come play with them but I wanted to concentrate on my study.


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