Inner and Outer self

Alexa Nunziato

Task 1

Henri’s physicality:

  1. ‘’The boy screamed it out, ‘’Mommy! What’s wrong with that man’s face?’’ Henry was suffering from the awful effects of teenage hood and puberty: he had acne. The little boy doesn’t see this as normal, but sees his acne as a deformity, something ugly and scary. These pimples covered his face, which in a way hid his true appearance, just like he hides his personality. Henry’s face was covered with acne and the little boy noticed and refers to Henry as a man, when really he is just a boy. This situation can add to Henry’s insecurity.
  1. His most striking feature would be his acne, which hides and covers most of Henry’s face. His acne covered his chest, his back, all over his face. Henry’s explains that there was now way of getting rid of i, and he would be stuck covered in all these puss-filled boils .

3. ‘’Football season was worse. We played touch football. I couldn’t catch the football or throw it but I got into one game’’ (34). Henry wast as athletic as the rest of the boys in his class, which made him feel inferior and worked on making him even less confident. The leader of the football team said he didn’t understand the rules of the game, and Henry was then forced to play volleyball: a girl sport (as he described). The others all continued to play football. He didn’t play volleyball either because he was shorter and didn’t like it so he stood there at recess without really playing anything at all.

Henry’s inner life

  1. Henry is evidently a very intelligent individual which could be seen from different perspectives. He knows whats right and what is wrong, but he is too afraid to do anything about it and choses the safer alternative. For example, he will let himself get beat my his dad which in all isn’t too smart but he knows it is wrong. In terms of academic intelligence, Henry writes the best essay in the class about the president of the United States at the time. The teacher calls him out in front of the class for his excellent work and this is when Henry discovers his talent for writing, a newly discovered skill that allows him to be the best version of himself.

5. Henry tends to be mostly submissive with other characters.Henry barely ever stands up for himself until the end of the novel when he asks him father to hit him again. At this point everything changes and we know this is the last beating Henry is going to get from his father. However, for the majority of the novel, Henry was accepting the insults, control and beatings from his dad. They successfully made him feel like shit. Henry describes himself as the least popular kids in class and he gets followed home after school. Once again, Henry does not confront those kids who follow him home after school who seem to only want to scare him. When Henry has the best essay in the class, he has this temporary confidence but again he keeps his confident thoughts to himself and just happens these kids stop following him home. The were probably and ironically intimidated by Henry in return.

15. Henry is embarrassed and ashamed of his family and who he is. This can be seen through several examples. none being that time he lied about his dads job. The truth is that his family had been greatly impacted by the Great Depression is too embarrassed to admit he was struggling financially, and lies about his dads job saying he is a dentist, when truly he is unemployed.

26. I think that Henry’s weakest psychological trait is that he doesn’t want to admit to himself that he lacks a lot of love from his family. Everybody needs love, at least from themselves and Henry doesn’t have love for himself or from anyone else. His parents seem to hate him. Even his teacher feels bad for Henry as she says ‘’Your parents don’t give you much love, do they?’ (56). Henry continues to be in denial and says he doesn’t need love and has all of it he needs anyways.

Task two:

My inner self

5. Contrary to Henry, I’m not submissive at all. When I disagree with something I’ll make it clear that I do and stand up for my opinion and whichever arguments support it. I enjoy debating and keep an open mind while doing so, but theres no point in being submissive when I can just politely speak my own mind and hope others see it the way I do, or convince me to change my point of view.

4. My outlook on life changes a lot and is way to complex to answer shortly. Although I have moments when I feel like completely giving up because of the stress caused by school or when things do not go my way, in the end I speak to myself and explain that everything happens for a reason. I also like to live by that you have control over your life no matter what events you dont have control over. It is all about how you deal with the situations you face, your attitude towards them, and if  you’re going to let things impact you are if you’re going to make the best of the situation. I try to stay positive and encourage myself to be a better version of me everyday and have found that I have become a lot happier as an individual.

16. I have a strong belief in morals and doing what is right or wrong. Whenever someone treats me badly, I dont feel the need to treat them badly back, but I definitely won’t go out of my way to be kind to those who hurt me, but will appreciate those who appreciate me.


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