I’m not a Character but I’m in here


1: I would say the supporting characters would think that Henry was a large and strong boy but after his acne breaks out many saw more of a grotesque monster than before. His condition makes him distinguishable between the general population and in the context of the novel his acne can be a representation of how he feels inside and how people react to his persona.

2: His most striking feature is evidently his boils. Compared to the average he had an abundance of it, making him very easy to point out and distinguish from the crowd. Although it brings him to a social disadvantage he cannot help having them at this moment of his life.

3: Henry’s strength is is one of of his more generous assets because it is the only factor that has helped him fit in with the children at his schools. He succeeded in sports, beating kids that were older than him so it has come to a great advantage.

5: Henry’s greatest physical asset is likely his physical strength because if he didn’t have that he would be considered even weaker to his peers. Without is strength it wouldn’t be possible for him to excel the way that he did in his school and never acquired the status as a “tough guy”.


4: Henry sees the world as one large obstacle broken up into segments that he must swallow piece by piece. Henry’s worldview is manipulated by the people who he is surrounded by that he has to please and get by to make his own life easier. It shows that Henry does not really see the value in most people. With his friends it is often just a contest or trying to gain their approval so he didn’t get picked on. The interesting thing about women is that he seems to value them more but he is taught to objectify and sexualize them in a way I don’t think he would see if he were not influenced. Overall he sees a lot of pain and challenge, like a strenuous game he had to win and the end is death.

5: Henry is submissive or dominant depending on what he is challenged by. For other men he attempts to prove his dominance whether by fighting or sometimes interestingly to not fight and show that it is not worth the time with that particular person. With authority such as his father he is very submissive, to the point where his voice is censored by him, further degrading his self worth.

11: I believe his greatest ambition is to prove his worth to the world. Throughout the novel thus far we see him be shut down by everyone. Parents, girls, peers, teachers, etc. He is constantly being told that he is not good enough. The constant bombardment leads him to want to prove everyone wrong.


4: I think that my outlook on life is technically negative, but I see it as realistic. I try not to expect anything for anyone, and always expect the worst because then you’ll never be disappointed. I accepts that life is difficult, people are difficult, problems are difficult, that’s just the way it is for me. You can’t live in a perfect fantasy. But you have to laugh about it because sometimes it’s just so goddamn ridiculous.

14: Careless spelling and grammar

Unified ignorance

People, generally

24: You know when you put a hot dog in the microwave and only one side of it splits?


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