“I am who I say I am”

BY: Alexander Vincelli

Henry’s physicality. 

  1. What is the character’s greatest physical asset?

Henry’s greatest physical asset is his physical appearance. The kids at school, when they choose their teams for a baseball game, they don’t pick Henry last but they pick him second last because of his size and attitude. He looks tougher and probably stronger. Also we see Henry get into a lot of fights with many kids and grow his popularity in the elementary school.

  1. What is the character’s greatest physical weakness or liability?

His greatest weakness is his boils. His looks aren’t the greatest. He may be tough and beat up half the school but his looks would hurt him if someone would start to pick on him.

Henry’s inner life.

  1. How would you describe the character’s intelligence?

Henry’s intelligence is strong because he adapts to what’s around for example, his parents lifestyle and what’s happening at home.  Things aren’t so happy but he keeps going and doesn’t argue with them even though he does not have a say with his dad.

  1. How would you describe the character’s imagination?

His imagination is just like any other kids, creative and imaginative. He imagines that he is the best baseball player out there in the schoolyard or in the football team. Those thoughts that he has of him hitting a home-run is every child’s dream. It is creative because he does little things such as hold in his breath, which symbolizes something, which is him competing with himself and making him stronger.

  1. Does the character tend to be dominant or submissive with others, and why?

Henry tends to be dominant with his classmates at school. He seems to be tough and aggressive with them because the takes after his father which is dominant with him and doesn’t cut him any slack.

My inner life.

  1. How would you describe the character’s imagination?

My imagination is pretty big and creative in a sense that I will be the on finding what to do on a Friday night and not always doing the same thing. Also I imagine myself doing great things in the future and that helps me to try and conquer them and make them reality.

  1. How would you describe the character’s outlook on life?

My outlook on life is pretty positive because I am the type of person that sets goals for myself an always works hard towards them. I am not the type of person to just quit after a bad mark but to work harder sand see better things in life.

  1. How does the character usually approach major problems?

I approach major problem with a positive and fighting manor. I will never go down without a fight because I find that there is always a chance in life to  achieve something if you put I the work.



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