Humans don’t have it. Whatever it is.

by Lucas Tremblay-Moll

Henry’s physicality

5.Henry’s greatest asset is his severe acne. One would think that having acne as bad as he does, would be the source of all horror in his life, but they seem to provide him with more confidence and comfort. They seem to differentiate him.

Henry’s inner life

7. Henry’s greatest talent would have to be his appreciation for the simplicity of life. There are millions of things he can get caught up on, especially in his life, but he still finds a way to keep cool. He could bask in the greatness of complete silence or stay in bed, surrounded by nothing. How could you even do that when you live in a life that is surrounded by toxicity, abuse, exploitation, intimidation, frustration? It shows the hardened nature of Henry’s being, but his inner tenderness as well. In the open he must put on a tough act to demonstrate his resilience, but when he is alone his kindness shines.

Lucas’ inner life

7.What is my greatest talent? I guess it would have to be my positivity, perhaps my uncertainty. I think I am generally good at adapting to whatever this cruel life launches at me, with good heart. I understand that life is much to brief to be held back by anything. I also feel this way for the fellow humans around me. I care for the ones around me because unfortunately, they are in the same boat as I. All-in-all, my real talent is producing writing that sounds as cheesy and possible.





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