Henry’s Character

Savana Di Quinzio

Henry’s Physicality 

1. What people would say about Henry’s physical image is not all that nice. In this novel, the author paints an image of Henry that allows us to believe that he is pretty ugly. People stay away from him just because of his physical attributes. On page 122, he tells us about how he was doing better since he had just defeated his father, but then starts developing really bad acne, which takes away all of his newly acquired confidence.

4. So far, the most obvious physical defect of Henry is his pimples. He does not suffer from normal acne, but rather from an acute form of it, where he develops boils that are deeply infected and swell up. Aside from this physical trait, I have not read far enough to distinguish another.

6. I would say that his overall physical appearance is his biggest weakness, especially his face. His bad acne basically cripples him when it comes to functioning in society; people are actually scared of him because he looks so abnormal and different from the norm. The fact that people are so scared of him is a weakness and a liability because it stops Henry from functioning as a normal member of society.

Henry’s Inner Life

4. I found that Henry’s outlook on life is pretty pessimistic, but who could blame him? In all honesty, with the portrait his parents are painting him on what life as an adult looks like, I would too be a little bit depressed and frustrated with what the world has to offer. I feel as if Henry has only seen misery and misfortune that in his mind that is all he is destined for and that he will never amount to anything better or more than what he has seen from the multiple examples of miserable people he has in his life.

26. I feel like Henry’s biggest psychological weakness is his sensitivity. I feel like throughout the novel, we see little aspects of Henry’s sensitivity, which can be translated into vulnerability in his case. Those moments of vulnerability …

My Inner Life

5. I tend to be both. I am usually a very dominant person; I like things my way.  With my friends and family, I still keep my strong dominant facade, but when it comes to the person that I love, I tend to become very submissive. I do not know if that is a good or bad thing, but it certainly is a bit of both.

6. My approach to every problem or issue in my life is pretty much to confront them head on and deal with them as soon as possible. I do not like to let things linger and I am not scared to speak my mind and my opinion whenever there is a problem. I want to find a solution, therefore I let the other person know exactly what the problem is and why it is a problem truthfully letting them know what I am feeling, only after all of this can we find a proper solution, in my eyes at least.

12. My biggest delusion, and probably the only part of me that I allow myself to lie about, is that my family is going to be alright. For some specific reasons that I cannot mention, my family is in a rough place and this has been going on for about 9 years. I keep telling myself that we will be fine, but I cannot see the end of this.


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