Hen(rye) Chinaski

by Claudia Keurdjekian

Task one:

Henry’s physicality. 

  1. How would other people describe the character’s physical appearance?

Other people would describe him as an ugly man. He doesn’t look attractive to people. And he looks ”scary” to some, like the little boy who told his mother ”What’s wrong with that man’s face?”

2. Good or bad, what is the character’s most striking feature?

His boils are his most striking feature even though they seem disgusting to most people. It’s how people see him right away.

3. How would you describe the character’s strength, endurance, and coordination when it comes to physical activity and sports?

Henry is good at sports, he’s not the best, but he gets better as he goes on. Him playing sports allows him to build up his confidence, and it seems like he likes it when he’s able to be good at something in life.

4. Does the character have any permanent physical defects, such as nearsightedness, or temporary ones, such as a broken leg? If so, what are they?

I would say his acne is kind of like his physical defect because he is

Henry’s inner life.

  1. How would you describe the character’s intelligence?

Henry seems like a very lazy character, however he’s smarter than he looks.


2. How would you describe the character’s imagination?


His imagination and his creativity are what make him unique. I would describe his imagination to be one the elements that really make him a

Henry is a really sensitive guy despite his tough guy figure. His vulnerable side is shown when he tries to feed the stray dog, which makes him look like he cares about living creatures and that he will protect them from harm. This shows how much of a sensitive human being he is. He helps the outcasts because he, himself, is an outcast too.

17.What are three things the character most values?

Henry seems to value freedom a lot, like deciding not to go to war. He also values comfort because he likes to stay at home and lay in his bed.

Task two:

My inner life.

  1. How would you describe the character’s intelligence?                                                              I would say I’m smart, not a genius, but just simply smart. I need to study hard to get good grades otherwise I won’t do great on tests, that’s because I don’t understand things very easily, it takes me a lot of time.
  2. How would you describe the character’s imagination?                                                              I have a great imagination, I’m very creative when it comes to art, and to express myself in terms of things like to do like painting and drawing.
  3. How would you describe the character’s outlook on life? Sometimes I’m very pessimistic, and other times I can be positive. But I don’t handle unexpected situations very well. I usually see life as a struggle.
  4. Does the character tend to be dominant or submissive with others, and why? I’m usually nice to others, I’m not a very bossy person in general.
  5. How does the character usually approach major problems? I ask for help to my family or friends. But most of the times I try to solve it by myself if I can.
  6. What is the character’s greatest psychological weakness?  I am very sensitive person, and I usually cry pretty easily. I get emotional very quickly. Just like Henry, I love animals especially cats and dogs. I seem like a shy person, but I can be outgoing when I want to.

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