Discovering Henry

Henry’s physicality 

  1. People would see him as ugly, and unattractive, especially when his acne started to develop: “Acne vulgaris. The worst case I’ve seen in all my years of practice!” (p.131).
  2. As I mentioned above I think that the first thing people notice about Henry’s physicality is his face which is covered with boils.
  3. Henry plays baseball with his peers, and i think this is an activity that brings him joy, and a sense of belonging. Even if he is not the best player, but he keeps trying and being ambitious.

Henry’s inner life 

  1. I think that Henry is very intelligent, and a little effort will bring him good results at school. However, being good at school, and studying is not what tough guys do, is what looser do. He prefers to be a tough one rather than looser.
  2. He has a great imagination, and the scene in novel where Henry writes the essay about the visit of president Hoover is the best example: “Henry, were you there? ‘ ‘No, I wasn’t there.’ ‘That makes it all the more remarkable'” (84). This scene shows that he has a great imagination, and he is creative. I think this is a feature of the personality that he developed due to his loneliness, he had to imagine things in order not to get bored.

4. His views on world are quite pessimistic, he doe not see any positive things in his life. Even when he imagines his future is all dull, and dark , and always lonely. Henry tries to convince himself that he does not need people, he does not need anyone in order to be happy. For example when he graduated from high school he imagined himself as a dishwasher or garbage picker, jobs with no perspectives:”What woman chooses to live with a dishwasher?” (p.193). In the end we are products of our environment, this is the result of the society he grow up in, a world of Great Depression.

My inner life 

6. Major problems. My first reaction to major problems is panic, I tend to overreact. However, once I prioritize things, and think calmly what can be done, usually I find solutions, and it turns out that is all in my head.

14. Three things that make me really angry are: Humanity’s indifference, judgmental people, and injustice. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

17. I value and appreciate people’s mindfulness, kindness, and patience one to another.


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