Char(les) racter Exercise


Henry’s Physicality

1.Something’s “wrong with this man’s face” (127). Henry’s also “got the biggest balls of anybody” (91).

3. “One thing [Henry] imagines was that [he] was great baseball player, so great he could hit every time at bat, or a home run anytime [he] wanted to. [He] would deliberately make outs just to trick the other team.” (43).

6.Although boils and/or acne do not necessarily mean disability, they do contribute to the fact that it’s now harder for Henry to get or get close to girls.

Henry’s Inner Life

1.We see a lot of scenes where Henry’s intelligence is demonstrated. One of those is when he plays baseball at school. He “would deliberately make outs just to trick the other team.” (43).

2. The character’s imagination is shown in a major way in chapter 19 where he wrote an essay pretending he went to a president’s speech even though he did not and turned it in to his teacher Mrs. Fretag.

5. I think that Henry is both dominant and submissive. It appears to me that he is submissive to his father when it comes to the beatings he get. However, based on how he describes these moments of pain and when he finally was not feeling the fear of his father and his father’s beatings (121), he somehow becomes dominant.

6. The way Henry approaches major problems or challenges is by coming at the problem. He faces his father’s beatings without or with less hesitance throughout the first 26 chapters. He also let the principal squeeze his hands for mistreating a classmate at a gym class (36-37). And when he bumped into a “fat woman’s titties,”


Mikaela’s Physicality

1.She’s very small, yet enjoys wearing his father’s and brother’s large and/or extra large sweaters and jackets. One of her friends like how her shoes are so small, “a 5-year-old can wear them.”

3.Mikaela does not show strength, endurance, and coordination in any sports or activity, but pretends she is able in her gym classes to get her full participation marks for them.

4. Mikaela is nearsighted.

Mikaela’s Inner Life

5. Mikaela is both dominant and submissive. She’s dominant to her younger siblings because they’re her younger siblings, it’s self-explanatory to her. On the other hand, she is usually submissive to her parents, friends, teachers and colleagues but nonetheless tries to express herself if she does not agree with them.

Mikaela Cuaycong


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