Character Exercise

Henry’s physicality.

  1. Henry is ugly because of his acne and boils, people stay further away from him.
  2. Henry has very bad acne, the worst anyone has ever seen.
  3. Henry was never allowed to play sports with the guys in his neighborhood so he isn’t the most athletic person.
  4. Henry has boils on his back that he needs to go get removed at the doctors
  5. Henry was a big guy for his age, the kids in his grade were always bigger thank the kids in the other grades.

Henry’s inner life

  1. Henry is a young man who gets turned on very easily, whether it being staring at a girl’s vagina from under the bleacher, staring at his teacher’s legs or even masturbating to his from neighbor, he is turned on by ladies. At his age it is normal to be excited by whatever you can see and back then it was harder to see the bare minimum.
  2. Henry has a negative outlook on life, he thinks he’s too cool and too tough for anyone, he doesn’t like to show his emotions to anyone; “I didn’t have any friends at school, didn’t want any. I felt better being alone.” (29)

My inner life

  1. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I am also not the roundest. I have more street smart than book smart.
  2. I imagine a lot of possible scenarios that will probably never happen and I do day dream a lot therefore I believe a have a good imagination
  3. I believe that everything should be attempted to look at in a positive way, if it cannot then it is okay took at something negatively.
  4. I usually approach problems with a very open mind when it comes to problem solving, I would try to find a solution to that satisfies both my needs and the other person’s needs but if that can’t be done, I will try to satisfy my own.

Giuseppe Gallo


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