Character exercise

Task one:

Henry’s physicality

1.People were disgust by how he looked and would stand away from him. He is perceived as a “monster” due to the breakout that is present all over his body.


6.Henry’s physical weakness would definitely be his acne. He talks about how he  has just started to become more accepted by the other kids : “It happened just as I was beginning to be accepted as a tough guy and a leader. I was still tough but it wasn’t the same. I had to withdraw.” ( Bukowski 122) His acne makes him step back to his old-self where he had low self-esteem.

Henry’s inner life.

1. In my opinion, Henry is quiet an intelligent character despite his young age. From what I’ve read so far, he quickly finds solution to most of his problems. For example, when his mother told him to not go back home because his father will kill him because he read his son’s short stories. He leaves home with only 10$ from his mother. Henry knows he will soon be short of money and quickly finds a way to earn some. He might not have done it in the most conventional way such as finding a  steady job. But instead, Henry makes money from what he is good at such drinking, playing odd games and writing term papers for other people.

4. Henry’s outlook on life is quiet vague and negative. He doesn’t have any plans for his own future. He talks about how he wants to be “nothing” in life and that he is succeeding at it (pretty funny). He doesn’t have any particular ambition or motivation to seek for a better lifestyle.

5. I believe that he is more the dominant type of character. He doesn’t listen to anybody except himself. It is shown several time in the novel such as when his mother tells him not to do an action because it will make his father angry, he doesn’t care about it and does whatever he wants.

Task Two:

Amanda’s inner life.

5. I believe I’m both.

9. Being less shy.

11. My main ambition is to have good grades and be accepted in the program that I want in University but it is harder then it is.

12. Time managing stuffs, more like believing that there is more than 24hours in a day. I always tend to under-estimate the time I will take to do things and then get disappointed because I couldn’t finish all the things that I have planned earlier in the day.

13. My three  greatest fears would be deception, failure and scary movies.I always tend to give my best shot at everything and I often aim to high.Therefore, I am a strong believer that whatever I do, as long as I gave my best shot, it will always be worth it. I really abhorred scary movies.

24. Knowledge. Indeed someone that is smart is attractive.


Amanda Ging Sze Chan





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