Character exercise

Task One

Henry’s physicality. 

  1. How would other people describe the character’s physical appearance?

When Henry goes to the doctor to have his acne checked out, he says some pretty offending things like ” Look at the face!”, “The neck!”(131) to which Henry thinks ” You dumb fuck, i thought, don’t you realize that i can hear what you’re saying?”. (132) He’s obviously hurt by this.

2. Good or bad, what is the character’s most striking feature?

I would say it’s how straight-forward he is, specifically the way he says things so rudely, not worrying about what people would take it or what they would say about him. For example when he tells his teacher “Let’s fuck.”

6. What is the character’s greatest physical weakness or liability?

I would have to say it’s his acne. Henry is a strong character that wants to come off as confident but his acne holds him back. Physically he’s not an attractive person and we most often associate confidence and a good self esteem with physical appearance.

Henry’s inner life.

2. How would you describe the character’s imagination?

He has a lot of it. He often comes up with scenarios in his head as an escape from his reality. He imagines scenes of killing his father and ways he would do it. He imagines how different it would be if he didn’t have his boils, he would be able to talk to girls and be more confident. He also makes up a scenario with the nurse in the hospital “I just wished that she would enfold me in her starched whiteness and that together we could vanish forever from the world.” (142)

24. What turns the character on sexually?

Henry so far has had a couple of encounters with women but i wouldn’t say he’s necessarily turned on by them. He’s very curious and certainly feels a a sense of accomplishment when he sees up a woman’s dress especially when he’s with friends, but i can’t say that i understand it as him being turned on.

25. What is the character;s greatest psychological strength?

I believe it’s his ability to keep his emotions bottled up, and never show how he truly feels, incase he comes off as weak. His ego gets in the way of him expressing himself, even though as a reader, we’re able to access some of his more emotional and sentimental thoughts that the people in his life don’t see.

My inner life


6.How do I usually approach major problems?

I make sure to have every one’s best intentions at heart. The decisions i make about a problem i have, wether it includes other people or just myself, i make sure that no matter what i do, it doesn’t negatively affect anyone around me, or at least doesn’t affect them very much. When i’m faced with a problem, i lay out every aspect of it and try to solve everything individually to then come to an overall conclusion about how to come to a solution.

11. What is my greatest ambition?

To be successful and build a life for myself that I know I can be proud of  in the future.

12. What is my biggest delusion

That I’ll never have any real responsibilities and that I can always fall back on my friends and family for support.

13. in order of importance, what are my three greatest fears?

Losing someone i love, heights, and spiders

Konstantina Vanikiotis





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