Character Exercise

Henry’s Physicality

1. Other people may describe Henry as this tough, rude, unattractive asshole of a character but I beg to differ.
2. The characters most striking feature would be his inability to let others in
3. I would describe his strength, coordination and endurance as a reflection of how he has to be on a daily basis. He has to be strong, quick and endure a lot of pain.
4. The temporary physical defects Henry carries are his scars from the beatings and the acne and boils he has to carry with him and the scars as well.
5. The characters greatest physical asset is his ability to move quickly when in a fight.
6. The characters greatest physical weakness is his tiny fists.

Henry’s Inner Life

  1. I would describe the character as highly intelligent but in a secretive way. Many people perceive him to be this stupid outcast however, he is intelligent in a literary form as well as a streets smart kind of way.
  2. I would describe the characters imagination as one of a source from a dark place. Many of the things he says seems to come from an area of pain.
  3. The character seems to have a great deal of common sense however when it comes to making decisions his judgment is quite flawed because he seems to be careless when it comes to the outcome of things.
  4. I would describe the characters outlook on life as a very bleak and depressing one. He seems to see life as this great disappointment that never lets up but has a secret mission to tear him down at every opportunity
  5. The character seems to put off a front of being dominant when it comes to others and tries to put up a front. However he has submissive tendencies when it comes to the underlying sensitivity he has. For example, the scene with the nurse where he describes how he just wants to be held from her and feel safe.
  6. The character usually approaches major problems with anger. negativity and carelessness. He generally does not seem to care anymore about the outcomes of things and sees them as doomed anyways so figures there is not point and just destroys things even further.
  7. The characters greatest talent would be his ability to write.
  8. The characters greatest lack of talent is his ability to fight. He has courage to fight anyone however at times he will fight dirty or lose the battle badly.
  9. The characters biggest success in life so far is recognizing is talent and passion for writing.
  10. The characters biggest failure in life so far is his persistence to push everyone and everything away from himself so he can further isolate himself.
  11. The characters main ambition appears to be to write something well and to be utterly alone.
  12. The characters biggest illusion is that he is indeed alone. He does have some friends he carries around him but pushes them all away. Another illusion is that he is incapable of being loved.
  13. Never being loved, forever alone, not being able to be published for his work
  14. Three things that make the character really angry would be his parents, his stupid friends and society in general for the way it is and how it functions
  15. The character would feel ashamed, embarrassed or guilty if he was denied by someone or also his acne/boils
  16. I would describe the characters moral standards as something flawed. He does not seem to carry many morals or if he does he rarely demonstrates them throughout the book since he is always trying to come across as this tough guy.
  17. The three things the character seems to value most is type-writer, his books and love although he has yet to experience it truly
  18. Three things the character least values would be his parents, friendships and education
  19. The characters greatest virtue is his sensitivity and his ability to see life as it is and not sugar coat it to make it appear to be less bad than it actually is.
  20. At this point I would consider the characters greatest vice to be his alcoholism
  21. ef
  22. Three things the character would never ever do is hug his family, express his feelings or physically hurt a woman
  23. The characters biggest secret is his want for love and acceptance from someone and it remains hidden because otherwise he would not seem as tough or hard as he is trying to seem

My Inner Life

2. I would describe my imagination as something very dark and depressing
6. I would generally approach major problems with a lack of care but still attempt to get over the hill because life is going to continue to test me and if I do not tackle this struggle then another one will just be thrown at me.
7. My greatest talent I believe would be writing stories and poetry
8. My greatest lack of talent is patience
9. My biggest success in life so far would be succeed at my education and my relationship
10. My biggest failure in life so far is not overcoming my mental health issues
13. My greatest fears are my loved ones dying, being alone and clowns
14. Ignorance, any kind of -ism (ex: racism, sexism etc) and peoples ability to hurt someone for no reason
15. I would feel embarrassed, ashamed or guilty if I hurt someone by accident
17. Three things I most value is my family, friends and animals
18. Three things I least value are my phone, the internet and school
19. My greatest virtue is the ability to be understanding given my social working courses
20. My biggest vice is sleeping to avoid reality
22. Three things I would never do is intentionally hurt someone, steal or bully someone
23. My biggest secret is my fear of becoming a failure, this remains a secret because I do not want people to think they have to take care of me. I rather not be noticed
24. What turns this character on sexually is politeness
25. My greatest psychological strength is the ability to handle a lot of pain
26. My greatest psychological weakness is negative self-talk





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