Character exercise

Nadav Sarid




Character exercise

Physical appearance

  1. Throughout the novel different characters would refer to Henry’s physical appearance in different ways. When a random boy see’s Henry on the street the boy screams “Mommy! What’s wrong with that man’s face?” (128)His face at the time was covered in terrible acne and boils. Even at the beginning of the novel bully’s make fun of his physical appearance “Stay out of this, monkey-face!” (62). People see him as a ugly person.
  2. Unfortunately Henry’s most striking feature is his acne. His acne covers his entire face, neck, back and even part of his chest. It is impossible for him to hide his acne, it is something that takes over his physical appearance. No one knows if Henry is good looking or not because his acne hides any beauty that he might have.
  3. When Henry is elementary he does his best to keep up with the other boys and play sports with them. He speaks about how he was smaller then the rest of the boys in his grade. When they pick teams for sports at their recess him and his friend were consistently picked last. When he speaks of playing football at school he says the following, “I couldn’t catch the football or throw it.” (34)



Henrys Inner Life


  1. I would describe Henry as an intelligent character at times. The reason I say at times is because we’ve seen him act in a way that shows signs of great intelligence and great intellect. For example when Henry’s teacher reads his paper on watching the president speak, she praises him on how well written it was, besides the point that he was able to write better then any of his peers he was also able to write a outstanding paper on a event he did not attend. This shows that Henry has a deep imagination and is able to access this through his writing. A scene where I would say that he is less intelligent is when he asks his teacher to “fuck”. He does not know what he is talking about yet he is using language that he far from prepared for. He can get him self in a lot of trouble from using a term like this yet he still uses it.



My Inner Life


I believe that my sense of common sense is one of my stronger traits. I generally have a good idea of what is write and what is wrong. I trust my own judgment and direction more then I do others. I believe that it is easier to look to ones self for answers then it is to look at others.

  1. I believe that I have generally positive outlook on life. I think in order to be happy it is important to have a positive outlook on life. To be able to have joy in how you spend your days you have to see purpose in what you are doing and strive for a reachable or unreachable goal.
  2. Approaching major problems in life define a lot of who a person is. I try to approach any major problem in the most calm and collected way possible. To me if I am calm I can solve anything and find a solution to any problem. I use the resources that I have at my disposal and try and solve a problem step by step.

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