Character exercise

By Melvin Buquerente

Task 1 

Henry’s Physicality

  1. Henry is an above average sized teenager. Other than the severe acne, Henry resembles a normal teenager.
  2. A negative striking feature would be his severe acne vulgaris. He is described to be covered in massive boils all over his body (face, chest, neck and back).
  3. Henry practices sports with his peers. He is not the best in is team, however he contributes significantly. When he played baseball, his strength would be catching the ball. This demonstrates good hand-eye coordination.
  4. His temporary defects would be his acute acne vulgaris. At this point of his life it is temporary, however the scars will last forever. He has also experienced temporary physical defects from the beatings he received from is father with a razor strop.
  5. The one physical asset Henry mentions multiple time with pride are his big balls.
  6.  Henry’s greatest physical liability is his physical is his acne. He needs to receive medical intervention on a regular basis. His acne has also forced him to withdraw from school.

Henry’s inner life

12. Henry’s physical delusion would be his level of toughness. Throughout the novel, Henry tries to portray this character that is non-emotive. This thought of being tough applies to his physical state as well as his mental state.

16. In regards to Henry’s moral standards, he is very aware of what is wrong and what is right. When it comes to his sexual life, he caves to the social norm of being able to stare at women, however, he does not act on those urges as he grows older like his classmate who openly masturbates in class. Furthermore, he is aware of his spiritual beliefs and created his own morality in a sense.

24. What turns on Henry sexual are legs. He has always been fascinated with women’s legs in all aspects. He describes the growing sensation seeing the skin and the color.

2.Henry has a big imagination. The ways he envisions situations, how he portrays himself and simply how he views the world is enough evidence of his wild imagination.

5. Henry is usually the submissive character of the group. He describes himself as a loner and attracts people like him. Although he does not want these people in his life, he cannot seem to shake them.

3. I believe that Henry’s common sense and judgement is pretty normal. The outcome of his decisions tend to be negative, but basing it from experience, that is all he knows.

My inner life

2. My imagination takes time to surface. I tend to take time to develop ideas, however, the product for the most part is successful.

9. My biggest success would be balancing the lifestyle I currently live without any one’s help.

22. Kill someone, kill myself, fly a plane.

25. My greatest psychological strength would have to be the ability to motivate myself into achieving the goals I set.

26. My greatest psychological weakness would be my belief that I can do everything on my own.

6. I usually approach major problems head-on trying to take into account every aspect of the problem.

4. My outlook on life is positive.

3. My common strength and judgement is good. I am able to see things differently and guide others to do good.


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